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Eric and Mandy met at Mid America Baptist Seminary and married in 2001. Eric earned his Master of divinity degree in 2002. Mandy earned a Master of Christian Education degree the same year. After graduation, Eric served as a pastor for six years and began post graduate work in 2005. During this time, Mandy served as a godly wife and mother of Andrew and Landon, born eighteen months apart. Our little Lauren came along in 2008.

Married June 16, 2001


In the fall of 2010 our family moved to South Korea where Eric taught at Kyungsung University as a Professor of Theology. Mandy taught a ladies Bible study, homeschooled our boys, and served as the Childrens' Director at Antioch International Ministry Church.  The kids loved Korea and the people, as did Eric and Mandy, but we returned to the United States in September 2012 for Eric to finish his doctoral work and graduate in December of that year. 
We have given our lives to the Master for service in His labor field. It is exciting to see and discern the Lord's plans for our future ministry as theological trainers and fellow laborers in Nepal. You can follow our updates, new letters, prayer requests on the Current Affairs page.
Birthday May 12th
Eric - a.k.a. husband, daddy, professor, preacher, theologian, disciple maker, and Christian thinker      
Eric carries many titles but his premier objective aims to know God (John 17:3), love the Lord with his mind, and please Jesus with all his being.  Eric challenges his colleagues, peers, students, wife, children, and himself to study the Word of God, pursue truth, and think critically.  He desires to walk with God as Enoch, obey the Lord as Noah, live by faith as Abraham, behold His glory as Moses, pray effectively as Elijah, serve with humility as John the Baptist, preach empowered with the Spirit as Peter, understand the Gospel as Paul, and love the Father and people sacrificially as Jesus Christ.  Eric has a heart for serving college students, making disciples, ministering to broken pastors, and liberating the captive by the power of God. In his spare time, Eric enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, gardening, and barbecuing. Drinking coffee with his beautiful wife and watching a Hallmark movie is another favorite past time. And certainly wrestling with the kids, drawing with the boys, playing tea with Lauren, or enjoying a good Chicago Blackhawks hockey game by himself are also fitting.
Birthday - March 29th 
Mandy - a.k.a. godly wife, momma, teacher, daughter, student of the Bible, homeaker, cook, chaufer, blogger, and Christian witness. 
Mandy also wears many hats. She uses her Master of Christian Education degree to educate our three kids at home, and does an exceptional job. One day she dreams of starting an elementary Christian school for impoverished children. Mandy's numerous strengths include nurturing our family, making our home liveable and enjoyable, diligently raising our children according to the Bible, and relating to broken women in their suffering. Her unmistakable smile is both attractive and welcoming that reflects her love for Jesus and compassion for people worldwide. Mandy thinks for herself, knows what she believes, remains committed to the Bible, respectful to her husband, and mindful of the Lord. She is more than a helpmate to Eric, and secretary for Ambassadors for Truth. She is Eric's closest friend. In her spare time, Mandy listens to sermons by David Platt, Matt Chandler, and Francis Chan. Her prolific reading skills broaden her Christian perspective and serve as a resource for writing. You can read her current blog linked to this website as she shares biblical truth and wisdom that she has gained from personal experience. Mandy has started a second blog about our ministry in Nepal at this link. She is truly a special lady and models the Proverbs thirty one woman after God's own heart.
Birthday - September 3rd 
Andrew Seth 
As a fifth grade student, Andrew excels in math and science. He enjoys playing legos with his brother, building the club house in the woods, and drawing in his sketch book with his daddy. He's really good! Andrew likes to think by himself, play mind games with his little sister, and relax while playing video games on his Nintendo or listening to music. Andrew loves to spend time with his friends at church, Bible drill, and sleep overs. In Korea, Andrew took Tae Kwon Do and earned his red & black belt. Andrew wants to start a Bible club when we go to Nepal, eat lots of mangoes, and play soccer. Mom and Dad are especially proud of their first born son.
Birthday - April 21st
Landon James 
Landon is our middle son currently in the fourth grade. He has a great memory and excels in spelling, Bible memory, and helping his daddy remember directions. Landon loves to run fast and over long distances. He wants to run track, cross country, and someday run a marathon, maybe even run in the Olympics. His favorite summer activity is swimming, or watching a movie. Landon can watch a show over and over and over again. He likes the movie Courageous, Fire Proof, Facing the Giants, and Jack Frost. Without question, his favorite television program is Duck Dynasty. Landon knows every episode by heart. Landon wants to be a fireman when he grows up. But now he likes hunting, fishing, crocheting, drawing in his sketch book with daddy, riding bike, and playing Nintendo with Andrew. Some of his finer qualities include sensitivity, a caring spirit, obedient, a tender heart, and love for people.
Birthday - April 25th
 Lauren Grace
Pretty in Pink and Hello Kitty - yeah that just about summarizes our little Lauren. She is our darling princess, and while the youngest, she gets in the mix with her older brothers. Lauren Grace has finished kindergarten and enjoys reading, writing her ABC's, arts and crafts, but play time is the best part of the day. Lauren has quite the imagination with her baby dolls, kitchen, house and play dough. Her energy level has two speeds: extreme and sleep mode. Lauren dresses herself and everything must match. Lauren loves to wrestle with her daddy, dance with her "animals", play with the cat, and just act silly. Lauren doesn't know a stranger, nor keep her opinions to herself. Her presence never leaves for a dull moment, which presents many embarrassing moments whether at Walmart in Savannah, TN or public transportation in Korea.
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Hopewell Baptist Church
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