Ambassadors for Truth
July 2021
Greetings in the Lord, We want to thank you for your continued prayers for the ministry and work in Nepal. For over a year now due to Covid, all ministry has been at the hands of the local pastors and servants of the Lord in Nepal. Yet, the Lord has blessed the work of their hands and they have accomplished much due to His blessing and your prayers and support.
This past month, Pastor Saroj and Pastor Bam got to baptize 12 new believers in Western Nepal who had been saved through the evangelism which had taken place the past few months as food, oil, and God’s Word have been shared with those in need. This is due in part by your continued prayers and support, as Ambassadors for Truth has sent funds for the purchase of food and oil.
In the upcoming days, these new believers along with local believers will work to build a church in their area. This will be the first and only church here. Through your generosity, money has been sent for the purchase of tin for a roof. Please join with us in prayer that this church will be used to grow the new believers in their walk with the Lord and to evangelize the lost in this community, so that many others will be saved.
Please continue to pray for our friends and their ministry at the Grace Home, as the enemy seeks to shut down their ministry through malicious lies being spread. Pray that truth will prevail.
Lockdown in Nepal began April 29 and has been extended continuously. Presently it has been extended to Aug. 4th, but will most likely be extended once more. Though not as bad as it was in the beginning, restrictions still are enforced.
Pray for all those in Nepal suffering from hunger and covid. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We thank God for you!!
For His Glory, Eric and Mandy 
Ambassadors for Truth
June 2021 
Greetings in the Lord,
We pray this finds you doing well.

We are thankful to report that the conditions in Nepal are seeing some improvement, however, they have a long way to go. However, the lockdown has been extended a third time until June 14th.
Though the lockdowns do seem to be helping with the spread of the virus, the impact upon the Nepali people hits hard. Please continue to pray for the people here as they live day to day in the midst of this difficult time.
Ambassadors for Truth has sent 1000 US dollars this past month to western Nepal so that Pastor Saroj could use it to buy food for people in need.
Pastor Chandra expresses his thanks to you for your prayers for him and his family in the loss of his mother. He is no longer in isolation and praises the Lord that he did not fall ill with covid.
We give thanks to the Lord for your continued prayers and support on behalf of the Nepali people.
Please pray that God uses this crisis to bring the lost to Him. To open the eyes of the blind, and to set the captives free. Pray for the pastors and their families as they seek to minister to the lost and those within their churches.
For His Glory,
Eric and Mandy
Ambassadors for Truth
May 2021
Greetings in the Lord,
We give thanks and praise to the Lord for His faithful work among the Nepali people and for your continued support of the ministry there.
The past few weeks, Pastor Saroj along with other pastors from Western Nepal traveled to Mugu, which is near the Tibet border. Here they met a local pastor and traveled from village to
village sharing the Gospel of Jesus with around 350 people.
While there they passed out tracks, shared Bible dramas, and had Gospel presentations. During this time, many came to faith in Christ, and five were baptized. Pastor Saroj expressed that as far as he could see, there was no church, other than the house church of the pastor they came to encourage and support. For many that they shared the Gospel with, most had never heard of Jesus.
Please pray for the people of Mugu that the Word of God shared with these will lead these to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Pray also for Pastor Gorakh as he lives among these and seeks to minister here.
 This trip was made possible by your support and prayers for Ambassadors for Truth, and we give thanks to God for the work He accomplished here. 
As of now the country of Nepal is in great need of your prayers. The country is now under another lockdown as the covid variant found in India is now in Nepal as well. With limited hospital space, and even less Oxygen or vaccine, many are contracting the virus and dying. Please pray that God will use even this to bring the lost to Him.
 Due to this lockdown, our return to Nepal has once again been postponed. We are working now with the airlines to get a refund in place of the vouchers since it doesn’t seem possible to use them prior to their expiration.
Pray that God will orchestrate the details necessary for this to take place. Continue to pray for the building of the training center. It is presently been put on hold as well due to the lockdown. Pray that the work begun will continue onward soon, so that this building can be used to reach and teach the people of Nepal Eric continues to teach weekly via Zoom. Pray for him as he prepares and teaches, and for the students to learn and to share these truths with their people.
We give thanks to God for you!
For His Glory among the nations,
Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon, and Lauren


Ambassadors for Truth

January 2021

Greetings in the Lord,

We pray this finds you doing well as we press on into this new year.

The work in Nepal continues and we give thanks to the Lord for this.

The Bible Training Center/Children’s Home in Western Nepal continues to take shape. They have been working daily on this since November of 2020. We can not wait to see this at its completion and to see how God will use this building for His honor and glory. So far money sent has totaled 16,000. Pastor Saroj has been faithful to send us detailed receipts of every penny spent. We are so thankful to him and for all of his hard work.

This past Christmas some of the classes who adopted pastors through the adopt a pastor program sent some special gifts of bicycles, and one class sent money for a pastor to buy tin for their church roof. What a blessing this was to these men who received these extravagant gifts. There are still many pastors to be adopted, kindly let me know if you would like more information on how this takes place.

Eric will conclude his contemporary theology class this week.

This has been a blessing for Eric to teach and prepare for. He has enjoyed meeting with these students via zoom and doing the class. The past two weeks he has also taught a Research and Writing Class, and will begin a new class on Last Things in March. Please pray for him as he now as to do the grading and research work for the upcoming class.

We give thanks that it seems Nepal is beginning to open things up for international travel. Although going for Spring Break in March still seems to be out of the question since all tourist are required to quarantine for 7 days. That would defeat the purpose of a 10 day mission trip. Please be praying that they will loosen these things as well and that we can travel to Nepal again soon.

We give thanks to the Lord for you and for your prayers, love and support for the ongoing work in Nepal.

Kindly let us know how we can pray for you!

For His Glory among the Nations,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Ambassadors for Truth

December 2020

Greetings in the Lord,

We pray this finds you doing well as we anticipate Christmas and the celebration of the birth of our Savior. If there was ever a time when the world was in need of hope and peace only found in Christ, it is now.

This past month much work has been accomplished in Nepal due to your faithful prayers and support.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held recently as pictured above for the Bible Training Center which will also serve to provide housing for needy children. The land was prayed over prior to breaking ground, asking the Lord to use this place for His honor and glory.

The work on the building is ongoing, and your continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated and needed as we take on this God sized vision.

Due to the adopt a pastor program in Western Nepal, much outreach is being done as the pastors have the ability to use more of their time for ministry. We are so thankful for the classes and churches who have stepped up to adopt a pastor, many who have also given above and beyond to provide bicycles and to provide additional resources. There are still many pastors available for adoption if the Lord leads you or your church to do so.

Eric continues to teach weekly the MTH class in Theology. It has been a true blessing for him as well to be able to pour into these students even from afar. Praise God for technology! The class will take a 2 week break for Christmas and then resume in January, concluding in February.

The boarders of Nepal are still closed to tourist. Please join us in praying that things will open for tourist, so that we will be able to go in March during spring break.

How to Pray:

Pray for the pastors and leaders of Western Nepal as they have Christmas outreaches this next week. That the love of Christ will shine bright through them, and that God will open the eyes of the lost to their need of Him.

Pray for the building of the training center, for the work to continue, the resources needed and that this will be far more than a building, but a place that God uses to accomplish great things for His glory.

Pray for the pastors Eric is teaching that they will be able to use what they learn to advance the kingdom of God.

We give thanks to the Lord for each of you! Praying that the joy and peace found only in HIM will guard your hearts and minds this Christmas!!

For His Glory,

Eric, Mandy and family

Ambassadors for Truth
November 2020
Greetings in the Lord,

As I sit here today, I am so thankful that the Lord is on His throne, and that I can rest in the fact that all things are under His control.

And though chaos seems to be the mainstay in America, God is still at work both here in the USA as well as in numerous places around the world.

In recent weeks, Pastor Saroj traveled with other pastors to the remote mountain villages of western Nepal. While there, they had a baptism for new believers, as well as encouraged and strengthened the believers there.

These same pastors as well as 14 others are those to whom Eric is working to provide trainings and materials too. The training center that is to be built in Western Nepal, is where they will be able to meet to pursue further Bible training so that they can adequately teach and reach the people of Western Nepal.

Saroj has completed the paperwork for the training center, as well as brought back rocks for the foundation from the village. When the holiday season comes to an end, the work on the building will begin. We are excited to see how God will use this for His glory.

This past week Eric began teaching Contemporary Theology to a group of pastors online. The class is going well, and it has been a joy to Eric to meet with and teach these men online. This class will last for 10 weeks. He will also begin a second class soon.

I continue to write children’s Sunday school materials for the church in Nepal. Thankfully, churches have resumed in person meetings and the kids classes are now studying the Hall of Faith lessons based on Hebrews 11.

We give thanks to the Lord for your continuous prayers and faithful support. God is moving and working among the people of Nepal, and we want you to know that God is using you to accomplish this!

Please Pray:

1. For the Pastors and leaders of the churches in Nepal. That they would preach and teach faithfully, that the Lord would continue to provide for them, and that God would use them for His glory.

2. For the churches in Kathmandu that have just begun to meet in person once more, that God will encourage the believers, and save the lost.

3. For Eric as he teaches his online classes.

4. For God to make a way for us to go to Nepal in the Spring, and Eric sooner if and when things open up there for tourist.

5. For the building of the training center/children’s home, that the building will begin soon, and that God will use this for His glory.

For His glory among the Nations,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren


 Ambassadors for Truth
October 2020
Greetings in the Lord,
We just want to thank each of you who have chosen to adopt a pastor in Western Nepal. This brings such encouragement to these men of God to know they are being prayed for and supported.
In the next few weeks, Eric will begin teaching two online classes with schools in Nepal. He will be teaching a Research Methods Class as well as a Theology course. Please be in prayer for him as he prepares, and as he adjust to teaching online.
Thanks to the lift on travel, Pastor Saroj was able to travel to the mountain area of Western Nepal recently where he was able to pass out more Bibles, provide food, and be a part of baptizing some in the churches here. Your prayers and support helped to make this possible. Please continue to pray for these new believers that they may grow in the Lord, and for the pastors serving here.
We give thanks that the Lord has provided land for the building of the Pastoral Training Center/Children's Home in Western Nepal. Just recently Ambassadors for Truth sent funds to begin the ground work for this facility. We look forward to seeing how God will use this for His glory.
As always, we give thanks to God for each of you. For your faithful prayers and support.
For His Glory among the Nations,
Eric and Mandy
Ambassadors for Truth

August 2020

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We pray you are doing well in these trying times, and we rejoice that though this virus has caused many things to be canceled and it has taken its toil on life in general, it has not stopped the work of the Lord.

This past month a need was presented for Bibles in Western Nepal. Due to the Corona Virus, churches have not been allowed to meet for many months. And because most do not have access to the internet, most have not been able to read or study God’s Word. Therefore, money was sent to purchase 350 Bibles for the people in the village churches, and in the mountains. The past few weeks, Pastor Saroj and the pastors of the churches have worked diligently to get these Bibles into the hands of the believers, and for that we rejoice!

Last November, Eric traveled to Western Nepal, and began training 20 pastors. He had plans to return in April for the second training session, and to be honest by this point, would have done a third as well, had it not been for the pandemic. But, due to the virus, he has been unable to travel back because all international flights have been canceled.

As we have prayed for these pastors he has begun to train, the Lord has placed upon our hearts to begin an Adopt a Pastor Program. The past few weeks, we have begun speaking with Sunday School classes concerning this need. This program is designed to get classes and individuals connected with pastors and their families in Nepal.

It involves a commitment to pray for one pastor, his family, his church and his ministry diligently, and thirty dollars a month of financial support. If you are interested in adopting a pastor, kindly let me know, and I will send you a photo of a pastor, his testimony, and information on his family and ministry. The money will be sent through Ambassadors for Truth to the pastors, and we will in return keep you updated with prayer request and needs concerning the pastor and his family. You can also write letters of encouragement to the pastors and their families, which we will get to them. We believe this is an excellent way to connect individuals and churches with the ministry in Nepal.

The airports were supposed to resume all flights from Aug. 17th, and we had hoped to book flights for October. However, they recently placed the country back under lockdown until Sept 2nd, and no flights are open to tourist at this time. Please pray that God will open the way for us to return soon.

Until then, we continue to pray for the people, minister to them online, and write materials for their use. In October, Eric has been asked to teach a ThM class online. He has begun working on securing online resources for the students, as well as preparing class notes. Please be praying for this class.

We give thanks to the Lord for each of you and pray His blessings to be upon you and your family.

If you would like for us to come and speak with your church concerning the Adopt a Pastor program, you can contact me at or by phone, 731-607-6650.

For His glory among the nations,

Eric, Mandy, and family

Ambassadors for Truth

May 2020

Greetings in the Lord,

We pray this find you and your families healthy and safe, as we continue to endure this world wide pandemic.

It has certainly been unlike anything any of us have ever gone through before, and has taught us all a lot about ourselves and about the Lord.

The impact upon our own country has been huge, yet, likewise its affects on the less prosperous nations has been monumental.

I was recently reading about the horrendous impacts of this virus around the world and was overwhelmed by the needs.

Within Nepal, the impact has indeed been felt. With 99 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Kathmandu and others within the country. The country has been on lockdown since March 24th and this lockdown has been extended to May 18th as of now, with the international airport continuing to suspend its flights until May 31st.

The police are monitoring the border between India and Nepal especially, as the number of confirmed cases and deaths within India continue to rise.

Yet, due to the lockdown which has sought to protect the Nepali peoples from this deadly disease, other problems have risen. Many within the country have limited food as they have been unable to work during the lockdown. Unlike most Americans, most Nepali do not have extra funds to rely upon in the midst of this crisis.

But thanks be to God for many who are at work to help the Nepali peoples. Much is being done within Kathmandu to provide for the needs there, and though the needs are great, we rejoice that many whom we know are working to provide food and necessities to the people.

Therefore, the focus of Ambassadors for Truth is to provide food and necessities to the far west regions of Nepal, where our work of training pastors is taking place. Thanks to your generosity, money has been sent to here to Pastor Saroj, who will use it to purchase food and necessary items for the people. He will then distribute these to those in need.

We pray that we will be able to reschedule our trip that was postponed in April for the near future, so that we can access other needs here, as well as encourage and strengthen the believers.

In the meantime, we continue to work on and to provide training materials to the churches and pastors, in order that they can teach their people affectively. Pastor Saroj and his wife are working even now to translate the children’s ministry materials that I have sent to them into Nepali. Once this is done, these materials can be used in other locations of Nepal as well.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for the Nepali people, and your faithful giving. Please know that you are impacting this country in numerous ways, and we give thanks to the Lord for you.

May the Lord, who is faithful and true, continue to protect you and your families as we press on through this difficult time, and may He continue to use you to be an encouragement to those around you and to the ends of the earth.

For His Glory,

Eric and Mandy


1. Pray for the Nepali Christians who are working to reach out to the lost during this time. Pray that God opens the hearts of the lost to their need of Him.

2. Pray for those suffering hunger and are in need, that God will provide for them.

3. Pray that the lockdown will be lifted soon, so that the people can return to their jobs.

4. Pray that this virus weakens within the country and that it does not escalate.

5. Pray that our trip to Nepal will be able to be rescheduled soon.

6. Pray for the pastors and leaders within Nepal as they seek to minister to their churches.

 Ambassadors for Truth
November 2019

Greetings in the name of the Lord,

We give thanks to the Lord for you this Thanksgiving and pray the Lord’s richest blessings to be upon you.

I’d like to share a few thoughts about my recent trip to Nepal. John 5:19-20, tells us that Jesus only did the works that He first saw the Father doing, and this my desire for Ambassadors for Truth as well.

With this philosophy I asked God to show me, and I looked intentionally to see the Father’s work in Nepal.

I arrived safely October 31 and spent the first few days with friends and students. The first Saturday I preached at Pastor Abraham’s church, and it was natural once again to preach through a translator. My first Sunday, we had a Bible Conference that was offered for students, faculty, pastors, and lay people. At the seminar I taught about the necessity of the Bible in the Christian life within the church. These teachings readily apply to all Christians everywhere. It was a success, and I have been invited back for a second seminary in April.

Monday through Friday of the following week, I taught Ecclesiology, (the doctrine of the church) as a Master of Theology Seminar. The theme of each lesson was to develop a healthy, true church. The first day we defined the church’s identity and purpose. Day two, we examined the value of members as well as the leaders of the church. On the third day, we covered ministry within the church. Day four dealt with the specific challenges of maintaining a healthy church. Our final day, the students presented selective topics as they relate to the church. The students were challenged spiritually, theologically, and practically. Their final assignment was to look at these objective values and determine the health of their church.

Overall the students were pleased with the seminar and the Biblical truths they learned. One student in particular changed His views concerning women in leadership, as well as divorce/remarriage, after reflecting upon the truths of God’s Word. I was very encouraged to see God using His Word to challenge and transform students. Because these are the men who will go on to teach at Bible schools and train the future leaders of Nepal.

The following Saturday I preached in another church, and they gladly received the Word of God.

On Sunday, I traveled to Western Nepal and visited my long time friend, Saroj. The needs here are great, and I specifically wanted to discern what God is doing.

Pastor Saroj had selected 20 pastors from the Terai region to the Mountain region. Some were local, but most travled long distances to come. 2 Timothy 2:22, says to choose faithful men and entrust them with truth. So this is what we did. For two days I taught these men from God’s Word. The theme of the conference was the Kingdom of God from Genesis to Revelation. Though my time was limited, the Lord allowed me to teach them the big picture of the Bible. On the first day, I taught them the Kingdom of God as seen in the OT. We looked at the different eras of the OT and considered God’s purpose and plan for His Kingdom. Day two, we examined the NT and considered the first coming of Christ, the coming of the Spirit, the second coming, and the last things.

It was an amazing two days. These pastors were introduced to the deep truths of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The next time I return to W Nepal, I intend to give a three day seminar on Hermenutics (How to study the Bible) with these same pastors. From there, we will consider different doctrines of Scripture. Pastor Saroj and I are excited about what God is doing through this training. We have encouraged these men to gather others and teach them these same truths, making disciples of their own.

On Wednesday, we traveled 2 ½ hours to preach in a local church and to witness the baptism of 5 new believers. On the way to this region, a pastor convinced us to stop at a small fellowship, that was made up of only 2 professing believers. Our goal was to encourage them. However, upon our arrival, Saroj asked me to preach a short evangelism message. As they sang, I searched the Scriptures, and the Lord led me to the Rich Young Ruler. In Nepal, many think that if they had more money or a better life, then life would be great. So, I asked them this question. If that is true, why did the rich young ruler want salvation. He had the money but something was missing. At the end, Saroj gave an invitation. The house owner and her daughter who were steeped in Hinduism, said they wanted Jesus as their master. I carefully explained the Gospel and her need for repentance. She in turn removed the Tika (a Hindu symbol) from her forehead and said she wanted her house to belong to Jesus. She then tore down the papers of idols around her door frame and burned them. We all stood in amazement, for God had made her a new creature, and worked repentance in her heart. As we were celebrating, another lady confessed Jesus as Lord.

Her testimony brings tears to my eyes. As a young girl, she heard about Jesus from some other missionaries, but did not believe. Years later she is told that she has an inoperable tumor, and that she needs to prepare for death. That night, she cried out to Jesus and she said a wind filled the room, and a peach came over her. When she returned to the doctor, he said they could operate, and he removed the tumor and she was cancer free. Yet, still she was lost. That is until a white man from America showed up and told her about the rich young ruler. She wept and confessed Jesus as Lord. God gloriously saved her. Bare in mind, we had not planned to stop here, but God had ordained it from the foundation of the world.

On Thursday we traveled three hours on the Mountain side were 3-4 churches gathered to hear God’s Word preached. Most of these believers walk 1-2 hours each Saturday to hear God’s word. It was a blessed time, and we again saw God’s hand at work in our midst.

On Friday, we traveled to a church only 30 minutes away. This was a church where God’s hand was evident. The last time I had come to W Nepal, I had preached here. Now, months later, I saw a church that was growing leaps and founds. One lady offered her home as a house meeting for the church. As more gathered, she removed a wall of her home, so they could gather easier. What an amazing example of sacrificial giving. Even now the house is too small and she has offered land on which a larger building can be built. This church is not just growing numerically, but also in spiritual maturity.

The previous time I went there was pronounced speaking of tongues, at which I stopped the service and taught from I Cor. 14. Pastor Saroj later returned and continued this teaching. The pastor of the church was amazed at how God used His word to deal with this issue, and today, there is no longer an issue with tounges.

While there, I taught from John 2. This was not an evangelical message but was geared to encourage the believers. Yet at the end of the service, five people came forward to accept Jesus as Lord. The day before, the house owner had gone and invited them to come, and this was the fruit of her labor. After we had shared with these, another man came forward to accept Jesus. He had actually left to go home but returned under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. This same man the day prior had scolded and cussed the house owner for inviting them to come and told her to never do that again. Yet, the next day, he came, and God saved him.

Over this week there were 9 people saved. We had been praying for 10 to be saved. The following Saturday, three more came forward to accept Jesus as their Savior at this same church. They had heard God’s Word the day prior, and returned on Saturday to accept the Lord.

I saw God miraculously save 12 people this week, which was far more than I saw in the five years I had lived there. My friends and I stood in amazement at the work God had done.

As I reflected on this, I asked myself, why? Why does God use an American white man? Why do the Nepali’s not see the same result? And the Lord gave me a verse. Galatians 6:6-7 speaks of how the one who sows to the spirit will reap spiritual blessings. I am convinced with all my heart that the fruit the Lord gave me is a direct result of your spiritual and sacrificial giving to Ambassadors for Truth.

Though our family no longer resides in Nepal, God is still at work, and continues to use us there. And it is your sacrificial giving, that allows us to return and minister to the Nepali pastors and their local churches.

In April, Mandy will lead a team to conduct a VBS at our local church in Kathmandu, and I will continue the teaching and training of these pastors, and lead seminars in local churches. In the meantime, I will be sending the notes of this past pastors conference, and be preparing for the next one. I will be gathering profiles of pastors who are in need of financial support, for a program we are considering entitled, “Adopt a Pastor.” If you would be interested in helping with this, please let us know. We will seek to upload these profiles in the days ahead to our website with further details.

We would love to come to your church and share more of what God is doing in Nepal and see you face to face.

Please pray for us as we seek a permanent place for our family, a church to pastor or a school to teach in. We again want to say thank you for your prayers and financial support. God is indeed using your sacrificial giving for His Kingdom and His glory in the Himalayas and beyond.

Jaymashia (Glory to God),

Eric Carpenter and family

Ambassadors for Truth

September 2019

Greetings in the Lord,

It is hard to believe that a week ago today, we were finishing up our packing, preparing for the long flight back to the USA. Now a week later, we are back in the US still adjusting to jet lag and life here in the States. I would be wrong if I said it were a quick adjustment or if I claimed we didn’t miss our other “home.” Yet, we know that for such a time as this, God has brought us back, and He has given us a vision for Ambassadors for Truth that goes beyond what we would ever have come up with on our own.

A few months ago Eric traveled to Western Nepal, and as he met with Pastor Saroj, the Lord gave him a dream for training the pastors that make up the large number of churches in the villages there. These pastors have been placed as shepherds to the people, but they have little to no theological training. God has given Eric and Saroj a burden to see these pastors trained so they can lead the churches God has entrusted into their care. Eric has returned to the US with a desire to write a book of theological training materials for these pastors. A book written in a simple way they can understand, that is also in context with the cultural issues of Nepal. He has asked Pastor Saroj to choose 15-20 pastors whom Eric will then train with these materials. He will have his first training time with them in November, as they embark upon gaining a greater understanding of who God is, and the truths of His words.

This past June, Eric was also approached by a Nepali professor who has asked Eric to write a Systematic Theology course with recorded videos, and class notes. This class will be used to teach and train pastors online all throughout Asia and even Africa. What an amazing opportunity for the training Eric can provide to reach even more.

God has also opened the door for Eric to be the Theological Director of the MTh program with the Asia Graduate School of Theology. With such position, God has put Eric into a place that will enable him to select the visiting professors who will teach the Nepali pastors and leaders. This will prove increasingly helpful in leading the training of these leaders to be Biblically based. Eric will teach Ecclesiology this November.

For the past year, I have been writing the kids ministry teaching materials for our local Nepali church. I have written materials on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The church has asked me to continue writing these lessons, as finding children’s ministry materials in Nepal is very difficult. Therefore, I will continue writing Bible material as well as planning and preparing the VBS materials which we will then use in April of 2020.

We stand amazed at all of the wonderful opportunities God has brought our way. And though, we are not living in Nepal, at this time, God has given us numerous ways we can still make an impact upon this nation.

Due to these opportunities, Eric will be traveling to Nepal 3-4 times a year, and I will accompany him once a year to lead our Nepali church’s VBS and to train ladies in women’s ministry. Yet, aside from these visits, much work will need to be accomplished Stateside that will then be used in Nepal. Eric is excited to begin writing the training materials, as well as to write and record the Systematic Theology course.

This is where you come in. For apart from your prayers and continued support none of this will be possible. So, we would ask that you would continue to pray and to give to the work of Ambassadors for Truth, whose vision has not changed, rather it has expanded. A vision and opportunity to teach and train the Christian leaders of the Himalayas and beyond.

We can’t express how much your prayers, love, and support mean to us. May the Lord bless you above and beyond, just as He has used you to bless us.

For His Glory Among the Nations,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon, and Lauren


Ambassadors for Truth

August 2018

Greetings from Nepal,

We pray that you are doing well, and give thanks for your prayers and support of our work here in Nepal.

This past month began with a little vacation to Thailand. It was a most perfect week, the only problem was how quick the time went. Yet, we were thankful for the time the Lord gave us.

Upon our return, life got busy. Especially for Eric, who is teaching an intensive one month class presently, on top of his normal daily classes. The intensive class is Ethics which he has taught yearly since our arrival, and which he enjoys immensely.

My class, Intro. To Christian Education, is going well, but I must say three hours is a long time to teach. Yet, I pray that the class will truly help the students in their work with children and teens in their churches. A great need here is good Christian curriculum. In the class, the students are learning to write their own, and I’m praying some will feel called to do just that. Or at the very least to translate some of the English materials into Nepali.

The kids are growing much too fast. This past week we celebrated Andrew’s 16th birthday. I don’t know where the time has gone. He has joined the praise band at church, and has practice weekly. One of the staff is teaching him drums which he enjoys a lot. Landon is still learning guitar, and enjoys leading music with the kids at church. Lauren is now learning piano, and enjoys free time with her friends.

One of the young men the Lord has given Eric to disciple, is growing by leaps and bonds. He truly desires to serve His people, and train them in God’s Word. He is an encouragement to us, to never give up.

The festival time is quickly approaching here in Nepal, with Dhasai in October, and Tihar in November. Much of life as we know it will shut down during this time. We hope to do a little trekking during this time, to the great delight of Landon.

We are looking forward to the team coming in November from Hopewell Baptist, which includes my parents. While they are here, thanks to the fact the youth pastor and his wife will be coming, we will be having a two day Youth Retreat. We are working now to plan and prepare for this. Everyone is getting excited.

Thank you does not seem adequate for our appreciation for each of you. Thank you kindly for your prayers, your love, and your support. We thank God for you!

For His Glory,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Ambassadors for Truth

July, 2017

Greetings in the Lord,

We pray you have each had a wonderful summer. To be honest, I’m not sure where the time has gone. It seemed like just yesterday we had 3 months until furlough, and now as I sit typing, we are down to just 15 days until we depart.

The kids are super excited. They are making a list of all the foods they want to eat, places they want to go, and people they want to seeJ. We too are looking forward to reconnecting with each of you, and our families.

This past month, Eric taught two different classes. He began the month teaching Theology 4 at HGST, and just finished Friday teaching Apologetics at NPTS. Today, his students came for a time of fellowship, which was a great time. It was quite humbling to sit and listen as they shared how much they respect and love Eric as a teacher. And how he has impacted their lives for God’s glory.

I never stop to be amazed at the numerous opportunities the Lord brings across our paths to serve Him here. Most every weekend, Eric preaches God’s Word. Last Thursday evening, he had the opportunity to teach at a Youth Rally, and a few days past to share the Gospel with many unbelievers.

This past week, the kids and I began our new homeschool year. We have completed our first week, and lived to tell about itJ. No, in all honesty, it has been great, and they have done an amazing job. We are trying to get three weeks of school in, so we can take a few weeks holiday when we first arrive to just spend time with family.

The next few weeks will prove to be very busy, as many have invited us to come to speak at fellowships before our departure. The next three nights in fact, we will be going to different places. Pray that our remaining time before furlough is used for the Lord’s glory!

We will also seek to finalize our schedule of our time in the States, and finish all the last minute things needed to be done before we go. Pray for us as we depart this “home” to go to our other “home.” It is quite a difficult thing to live “between worlds.” Thank you for your love and prayers, we can’t wait to see you!

Love in Him,

Eric, Mandy,Andrew, Landon and Lauren


Ambassadors for Truth:
April 2017

Greetings in Christ,

We pray this finds you doing well, and as always we want to begin with our thankfulness to you for your heartfelt prayers, your generous support, and your encouraging words.

Far West Nepal:

This past month Eric had a wonderful opportunity to serve in Western Nepal, where he was able to do pastoral and church training. In the five days he was there, he had the privilege of leading a Pastor’s conference, teaching four sessions of Biblical teaching to pastors who have little to no training. He was also blessed with the opportunity to preach at least five services, and to help baptize 24 new believers. It was indeed a blessed time! As you can see from the photo, baptisms in Nepal take place in the river, in all your church best clothes. J

While in Western Nepal, Eric worked alongside Pastor Saroj and his father who oversee numerous churches in this area, as well as house 10 orphan children. Unlike a lot of “orphans” in Nepal, who live in homes for kids, but have parents or family in the village. These children have no family, yet the joy they have in the Lord is amazing. As you can see, they enjoy Eric’s visits almost as much as he does (this is his second trip to the Far West). We sent along toys and clothes to the children from here, and plan to get more things to them when we can.

Life and Ministry in Kathmandu:

Eric’s classes at the Bible colleges are coming to a close, as he wraps up the course and prepares them for the final exam. He has enjoyed teaching both classes (Theology II and Gospel of John) and is thankful for the ability to invest in these students.

Weekly he meets to disciple a group of young men, as well as a local doctor who is growing in his walk with the Lord.

In the coming months, Eric will be teaching Theology III at HGST, and possibly another summer class at the Bible College. We are hoping to go as a family to Western Nepal this summer as well to minister in the churches, and possibly lead a kids Bible camp.

My weeks go by fast as I continue to homeschool Andrew, work at the church, and meet people for discipleship. Twice weekly I meet via Skype two girls from Indonesia for discipleship, and beginning this Wednesday, I will begin discipling a group of college girls on a weekly basis. I’m very excited about this opportunity. Another opportunity the Lord has brought about is a chance for me to teach English to a young lady who works at the local Big Mart down from our house. I’m praying God will use this as an avenue to lead her to know Him.

The children are growing up way too fast, but are doing quite well in their studies, and enjoy their friends here.

Ways to Pray:

1. Continue to pray for us as we seek to minister and disciple all God brings our way.

2. Pray for Eric and his students as they finish out their classes and for Eric as he prepares to teach upcoming classes.

3. Pray for the believers and pastors in Western Nepal, that God will continue to bless and grow them spiritually.

4. Please continue to pray for Eric’s dad as he will begin a new chemo drug soon, pray his body receives it well.

5. Pray for us as we are looking and planning for our furlough this fall. Pray for all the decisions that have to be made before we leave, as well as our time in the States.

With love and thanks in Christ, Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Ambassadors for Truth

Greetings in the Lord,

Happy Valentine’s Day! How thankful to God we are for you and for how He continues to demonstrate His amazing love to us through each of you. It is safe to say that I have once again fallen behind in my getting the newsletter out. I apologize for that. The month of January passed us by quickly. I’m not 100% sure where the time goes.

This past month has brought about some change in our lives. For one, I am now homeschooling Andrew due to his not adapting so well to the style of learning/testing here. It has been good, but has been an adjustment. The program he is doing is all done online, but I am there to help and guide him. We have been learning a lot. The great thing about the online school however is that as long as there is an internet connection, we can do it wherever. So the days I’m at the church, he is able to come along and do his studies there. Landon and Lauren are doing well in the school here, although I do add to their studies in areas such as grammar and history.

For Eric the change and challenge has been to prepare and teach Theology II as well as the Gospel of John. Though he is enjoying teaching both as well as spending time with the students. He also meets with students outside of class for discipleship and preaches a variety of places each weekend. The first of January he traveled to Eastern Nepal and taught a 5 day pastoral training seminar. It was a wonderful time and blessing from God to allow him to pour his life and God’s Word into these men.T

We are preparing now for our annual VBS at the church. It is our plan to have two VBS’s this year. One at our main church, and one at the church plant in the village. These will be held in April because as I’ve told you before, this is the holiday break between school years here. We are so thankful to Tina Morris and her church, Poplar Heights Baptist Church for the great materials. We are grateful as well for the additional VBS and Sunday school materials sent by Hopewell Baptist. Thank you all for your investment in the lives and ministry of the people of Nepal. Words will never fully be able to express our deepest appreciation for you all.

As the boys are growing older, we are seeking to involve them more and more in the ministry God has given to us. So each week Andrew joins Prabal (a local Nepali Staff member) and goes to Compassion House, where they jointly teach the kids from God’s Word, sing and play games. A few weeks ago Andrew taught about Joshua and the battle of Jericho. This was a blessing to him and to the children. Landon is also working now to lead music for the opening assembly time at church, and he is doing an excellent job. At the VBS Andrew will also assist in leading the games and helping the teachers.

Thank you again for your love prayers and support! 
Love in Christ,
The Carpenters 
Ambassadors for Truth

November/December 2016

Greetings in Christ,

The past few months have been a blur, a good blur, nonetheless a blur. We pray you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving as you counted your blessings from the Lord. The day following Thanksgiving, we had a team of 9 join us here in Kathmandu from Australia. The team was made up of two professors and 7 college students. We worked them hard, but I do believe it was both a blessing to them and to us. While they were here we taught English twice a week at Namuna School, we did children’s programs at Compassion House, in the slums and in Hokse. We visited the Hospice, and Leprosy Hospital. And they led in the children’s ministry, women’s ministry, teen’s ministry and youth ministry. Yet the highlight for us was the devotion time we enjoyed each night, singing and worshiping the Lord together. The team departed back to Australia on December 11, leaving behind two girls to stay longer with us.

The one girl, Julia will leave December 22, so that she will make it home in time for Christmas,and Grace will stay with us until January 6th. They have both been a blessing and encouragement to the people in Nepal and to us.

In November, we had two classes at HGST. The first of November we had a visiting professor from Australia,Mike Raiter, who taught NT Expository Preaching. The end of November, Dr. Alan Stanley who brought the team from Australia, taught an intenesive on the book of Romans. Both were wonderful classes.

It is hard to believe it is just a few days until Christmas. On Christmas day we will have a special Christmas program from 3-5 followed by dinner. During this time, the kid’s ministry will present their drama, The Mystery of the Manger, the women’s fellowship will lead in a few songs, and an Evangelical message will be presented. Please be praying for this outreach. We are praying that as the Gospel is presented, the Lord will reveal Himself to those who need Him.

January 3-7 Eric will be traveling and teaching in Eastern Nepal. Mid January he will begin teaching at two other Bible colleges as well as continuing his work at HGST. At these two particular schools he will teach once a week. He will be teaching an intensive on the Gospel of John and Theology II. Please pray for his as he prepares for these classes and as he travels to do Bible Training.

Love in Him,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew,Landon and Lauren


Ambassadors for Truth

September 2016

Greetings in the Lord from Nepal!

We pray that you are doing wonderful and enjoying the goodness of our Lord. 

It is that time of year again here in Nepal when the city is preparing for the largest Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar. The schools will close for two weeks and all government offices will close off and on throughout the month. Dashain is a fifteen day festival that celebrates the victory of the gods over the demons. Each day has symbolic meaning, with two days aside to offer goats, buffalos, chickens, and sheep as an offering to the gods.

Each year this festival occurs I am overcome by the lostness of the people here. Overwhelmed by the traditions the people follow and the hopelessness that these festivals, worship and sacrifice hold for the people. But I am also reminded of the true victory of good over evil which was fulfilled through Christ at Calvary. The sacrifice He made once for all who believe! Leading me to a heart of gratitude for the precious gift of salvation, and a burden to continue praying for and serving the Nepali people. Please join us in prayer this month especially that the god of this world who has blinded the eyes of the people will be overcome, and that the Lord would reveal Himself vividly to the people here.

Highlights of the past month:

This past month Eric has been teaching Gospel and World Religions. A class that provides students with information of what others believe and then how to best evangelize such people. The class ended on Tuesday, but has been a source of enjoyment for Eric to teach.

Eric also continues to take every opportunity given to preach and teach God’s Word. Leading in house fellowships, as well as church services.

I also continue in the Women and kid’s ministries at church, as well as leading in Bible study monthly at Compassion House. I am also now teaching two Bible studies a week over Skype with my Indonesian friends living in Maldives and Austria. God is amazing in providing such wonderful opportunities to instruct in His Word.

The kids continue in their studies, but are looking forward to the school holidays this coming month, especially since my parents will be here for two weeks of that time.

How to Pray

Pray for the people of Nepal, that God will reveal Himself to them, showing that He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Pray for God’s wisdom as we follow His leading.

Continue to pray for our visa process that we will have to do soon.

Pray for my parents as they travel this way and for a wonderful visit.

Pray for a mission team from Australia who will be coming the end of November, staying with us. Pray that God will prepare them now and use them then.

Love and prayers,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Ambassadors for Truth

August 2016

Greetings in our Lord and Savior,

We pray that this letter finds each of you doing well, and blessed of God for your tremendous blessing to us. How thankful to God we are for each of you, your prayers, your support and your encouragement!

This past month, Eric spent three wonderful weeks training these students in God’s Word. He taught Christian Ethics to this group who come from various places all over Nepal. It was a joyous occasion for him to invest Himself in these. The class ended with a wonderful time of fellowship at our home. It was amazing to hear their testimonies and to know that after they complete their studies they will go back to their villages to teach their families and friends. A few months ago, the women’s Bible study ladies began a Ladies Choir. We have sang twice now during the Saturday Bible Fellowship and though I am not always positive of the meaning of what I’m singing (in Nepali) it is a glorious thing to sing praises to our Lord with these in their native tongue.

We have also resumed our Cooking classes, but instead of meeting at the church, we are meeting at different ladies homes in our church, so that they can invite their lost neighbors and friends. Who would not feel freedom to come to the church, but can easily come to someone’s home. We begin with our cooking for the day, and while it is cooking, we have a short time of praise and worship, followed by one sharing their testimony, and a Gospel presentation. This last class, we had 6 Hindu ladies join us. We are excited to see what the Lord will do through this.

This past weekend we celebrated Andrew’s 14th birthday. It is hard to believe he is now 14. We can’t wait to see what adventure God has in store for His life.

Prayer Points

1. Pray for the next HGST class which will begin Sept. 11th. Eric will be teaching Gospel and World Religions

2. Pray for the cooking class that many will come to faith in Christ through this outreach.

3. Pray for our kids in their studies as well as that the Lord would continue to grow them in their walk with Him.

4. Pray for our visa and the hoops we will have to jump through again in a few months.

5. Pray for my parents as they travel this way for a visit the end of September.

With Love from Nepal

Ambassadors for Truth June 2016 

Greetings from Nepal,

We pray that you are enjoying a wonderful summer thus far. It doesn’t seem like summer here since we are in the midst of the monsoon season. Instead of hot sunny days, we have cloudy, cool, rainy days. Besides this, school here is year round, with breaks scattered throughout the year. Needless to say, summer here is quite different than what we are used to.

Himalayan Graduate School of Theology

The months here quickly pass us by, especially when two weeks of the month are spent in teaching. This past month however, we did not have class. We had planned for a student retreat, but due to the church leadership retreat we were unable to do this. We are planning to have this retreat and or seminar in October. We did however have a Care Brigade this past Sunday. Care Brigades are scheduled typically four to six times a year as a time to fellowship and disciple the students. This past week we spent the morning hiking, followed by great Newari food. Beginning July 4th, Eric will begin teaching Research and Writing. This is not the most exciting class for him to teach or even for the students to take. Yet, it is a critical class needed if the students will succeed in their studies here. Due to the fact that with each class a research paper is typically required. We have about 6 new students, so this will be very beneficial for them.

Himalayan Evangelical Church

The end of May and first of June, we had a leadership retreat at Dhulikhel. All of the church leaders and staff attended. At this time, we met to pray and plan for the new calendar year. In Nepal, the New Year falls toward the end of April, thus the different date for planning New Year Events. As a church and a staff our aim and goal for this year is transformation. To be transformed through God’s Word and to bring transformation to others. Therefore, all of our ministries will be aimed toward this goal.

Eric continues to preach either here in Sanepa, Banepa or in Hokse. We also try to visit one of our student’s churches once a month. This past month, Eric preached at Lokendra’s church. They just finished building a new building and it was amazing to see what God is doing in their midst.

House Fellowships

Each Thursday, there is a house fellowship at different church members’ homes. This gives opportunity to invite lost neighbors and friends who would not come to church otherwise. It is a great time of fellowship, with great food and most importantly a study of God’s Word. This coming Thursday June 30th, the fellowship will be held at our home. We have many neighbors who are interested to hear more about God’s Word, please join us in praying that they will come and respond to the Gospel message.

Kid’s Ministry

As of late, I have been very busy planning and preparing the lessons and daily devotions for the kids here at church. Finally, we have our year material ready to be used. We are now planning for our Kid’s Ministry Graduation, which will take place in July.

Compassion House

Due to finances, Compassion House has had to close one of the homes. Yet, amazingly God had already prepared a place for the ladies who lived here. The NGO that the lady who runs compassion house works with, has acquired land and is building a home for the unwed mothers who they bring to the valley from the villages. Therefore, at this time, there is only one home. This home is now for infants to teenage kids without a home. We continue to lead a kids Bible program here monthly.

HGST Student Testimony

When I was four years old my parents accepted Jesus as their Savior. I was attending Sunday school weekly, but in my school, my friends and teachers criticized Christianity. They asked many questions to which I was unable to give responses. So I decided I would follow the Hindu religion even though my parents were Christian.

Later however, as I began to know about God and His love, grace and mercy. I accepted Him as my Savior. I realized that Christianity is not a religion, but is a real practice and proves to grow up in righteousness those who accept Jesus Christ as the one and only way truth and life. At this time, I was very happy and secure in Him.

As a child I realized that many who are sick came from the villages to Kathmandu. It was my job at this time to take them to the hospitals; I was only 10-12 years old. But, I enjoyed serving these patients and meeting their needs. This led me to join the Hospice ministry in 2003, where we serve cancer and terminally ill patients. Today, I am still serving in this ministry. We seek to meet the physical, medical, family and most importantly spiritual needs of the patients who come. As well as to prepare them for death, which is not the ultimate end of life. Leading them to Jesus who gives eternal life, even life after death.

My studies at HGST help me in my work at the Hospice. And I am continued in my calling and trying to show commitment in my calling continually. Praise be to the Lord.


Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. The kids are doing well, continuing in their studies and have also begun music lessons. Andrew is learning the drums, Landon the guitar, and Lauren the violin. Please pray for their friends and their teachers to come to Christ. Each week two of Lauren’s friends come to church with us although their families are Hindu. Pray that the Lord will bring them to salvation, they and their whole families. Thank you as always for your faithful prayers, love and support of us. We sincerely thank God for each of you!

Thank you!

A big thank you to Hopewell Baptist Church and Poplar Heights Baptist church for the amazing VBS offerings you took for the work in Nepal! We praise God for His faithfulness!

Blessings from Nepal,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Ambassadors for Truth

May 2016

Greetings in the Lord,

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We had a wonderful getaway to Chitwan. It was extremely hot, but it was a wonderful time to relax and spend some quality family time together. We took a jungle safari, rode an elephant and ministered to our HGST students who live in this area. While there, Eric preached in Jayaraj Regmi’s (testimony to follow) church and we enjoyed worship at house fellowships.

Himalayan Graduate School of Theology

On May 8, Eric began teaching Christian Ethics. It is always a joy for him to invest in the lives of the students, so that they might better minister to their own. Tomorrow will be the last day of class, followed on Sunday afternoon with a time of fellowship at our home. In June, we plan to have a retreat and or seminar for the students.

Testimony of HGST Student:

I am Khadka Bahadur Regmi Magar (Jayaraj). I was born in a Hindu family in the Sarlahi district of Nepal. I used to worship idols as my forefathers religious practice from my childhood. However, deep down in my heart such practices never gave me satisfaction and peace. When I was seven years old and studying in grade (class) three my father passed away by cancer. Although I was child, my father sudden death caused me to think and question about the existence of life after death of human being. I often used to think of where the soul would go after human beings die and what would happen after the death. I never got the satisfactory answers of my questions in my childhood. After finishing my high school study, I was influenced by communism and got involved in their activities as an active member of communist party. However I wasn’t satisfied with my life and action and thought. One day, in 1993, during my Katmandu visit, I was sitting at Ratna Park reading newspaper; a Christian brother came and shared with me from one small booklet called The Four Spiritual Laws. During our conversation, I asked him so many questions of my childhood and he told me that there is one Person named Jesus, who can answer my entire questions. Then, he challenged me to accept Him as my personal savior and Lord by praying simple prayer of faith. With just hope and belief that Jesus would answer my childhood questions, so I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and Lord by having faith on Him.

At that moment, I experienced some kind of peace in my heart. After knowing Jesus personally, I started to learn more about Him by reading the Bible. During my Bible reading I found one of the sayings of Jesus that related to my life &quote, “All of you who are tired and burdened and I will give you rest (Matt. 11.28).” This verse touched my heart so much and I surrendered my entire burden of unanswered questions to Him. That day onward, I have received the answers of questions from the Bible that who believes in Him will go to the heaven with Lord Jesus Christ and gets the eternal life. Then, my spiritual life began to grow in Him and I found true happiness and joy in my life. After receiving Jesus Christ, I got opportunity to take basic training called LTI. Then I took three months NLGCTC training in 1995 and started Gods ministry as a NCCC staff. In August 1995 I shared the gospel to one sister (who was my classmate since my childhood). She accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior and Lord. After that she was persecuted by her family. She did not lose her faith but she persisted to become for Christian testimony. In 1997 she took three months NLGLTC training, after that God had given burden to her to do His full time ministry. I married with her in 1997.Now we have a son. In 2012 God lead us to start church in Bharatpur, Chitwan, by God grace it is growing and now we are around 120 Believers but in Saturday fellowship it is around 70-80 people gathers. I have made up my mind to work in Church as a Pastor, Mainly, I have planned to share the life-saving gospel, do follow-up and train students and provide the study scholarship for the poor and underprivileged students. I have committed my life in his service with prayer. In life I have experienced many blessing in his service. Although, to become good servant, slave, teacher and to know the mysterious things of the Bible, I have hope in the Lord when I start one step, Jesus will help in 99 steps.

Himalayan Evangelical Church

The staff of the church will be attending a Leadership Retreat May 28-31st. Please join us in praying that God will use this to bring unity among staff, and that He will lead us in our planning for the coming year.

Prayer Request:

1. Pray for upcoming HGST classes, students as they minister, and visiting professors.

2. Pray for Himalayan Evangelical Church staff retreat.

3. Pray for our family as we seek the Lord and desire to walk in step with Him.

4. Pray for the kids and their studies.

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now.” Phil. 1:3-5

Love in Christ,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren
Ambassadors for Truth: April 2016

Greetings in the Lord,

It has been a very busy month but also very blessed. On April 3rd, we had the joy of watching 8 of our students from HGST graduate. Seven received their MDiv, and one received his Theological certificate. One student, Barnabas Bariley, who also serves as youth minister at the Himalayan Evangelical church shared testimony of how HGST has impacted his life. He said, “It was God’s grace and love that caused my families to let me leave home and come here in Himalayan Graduate school of Theology to pursue my passion. In the first year of my enrollment in HGST, I was tempted to give up my MDiv studies because I was overwhelmed by the church ministry and thought that ministry is more important than my studies. And after I was encouraged by my beloved and I continued my master degree studies. In the process of my studies, I got the privilege to learn under reputed professors, and in my four years here, I've learned not just how to think critically, do research, preach and teach. But I have learned the importance of love for God, love for my neighbor, and love for the lost. To me, the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology becomes very core of what it means to do God’s ministry: to find joy in God even when I am in uncharted territory. A few years from now, we might not remember the idea of anthropology, soteriology, Millennium, eschatology or the critical criticism from scholars concerning doctrine, but I will remember the importance of Trinity, the right way of interpreting the Bible, and worship of God So like everything else I've learned here, these things are something that shouldn't just be remembered, but something that I should constantly carry with me. Pushing me not just to seek meaning by myself, but to find others to share that meaning with, and in a lost, sinful, disaster and immoral world, the love that I’ve learned will explore to the end of this world. The love of God will allow me to run and to finish the race no matter And perhaps most importantly, this ability to love the world, and a passion for the lost, assurance of salvation, to find endless possibilities for meaning wherever I am, is what made all of those moments in Himalayan Graduate School of Theology. . It was a wonderful time of celebration, and we look forward to seeing how God can and will use each of these servants for His kingdom.

Pastoral Training:

This past month, Eric also had the joy and privilege of doing some pastoral training in the village. The village was located about two hours south of Chitwan. They had only expected around 7 or 8 pastors to attend, but in the end there were 28 there. Some who walked 8-12 hours from the mountains, just to be taught God’s Word. This was humbling and amazing to Eric, who was thrilled over the hunger and desire these pastors had to better understand the Scriptures. He looks forward to returning again in the days ahead to do more training.

Big Heart Farms Vacation Bible School

This past week, we had our 2nd annual VBS at the church. Schools here go year round, and the longest break the children get is three weeks in April, during the end of the year break. Therefore, VBS takes place in April, rather than the summer months like back home. This year our theme was the fruit of the Spirit. We had 24 children in attendance and about the same amount of volunteers and teachers. We packed all 5 lessons, crafts, games, and music into two days. The children and the teachers spent the night at the church. This is a highlight of the VBS to the kids, allowing for a night of games, movies and popcorn. Lauren invited a friend of hers who lives down the street. Though her family is Hindu, they allowed her to attend. Please pray for Rhema, who heard the Gospel again and again at the VBS, that God will draw her to Himself and then use her to lead her family to Christ.

Carpenter family

The past month and a half have been extremely busy, so in our kids last week off before school resumes, we are taking a family vacation to Chitwan. We will be gone for 5 days and 4 nights. And we are looking forward to some rest and relaxation, as well as some family time. Please be praying for us as we go, for protection and for a wonderful family time. Landon and Lauren will both be celebrating their birthdays during this time, and are looking forward to finally riding an elephant during out trip to Chitwan.


1. Pray for our new graduates, that God will use them greatly.

2. Pray for the kids who attended VBS, that God save those who don’t know Him.

3. Pray for our trip to Chitwan

4. Pray for the kids and they prepare to resume their studies

5. Pray for Pastor Vijay and family as they return to Nepal

6. Pray for wisdom and direction as we seek to walk in step with the Lord

We thank God for you,
Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren
Ambassadors for Truth

March 2016

Greetings in the Lord from Nepal,

We trust that this find each of you doing well. We also want to say thank you for your prayers for our health. Presently everyone is feeling good, which we thank the Lord for. The Lord has been so good to used you greatly!

Himalayan Theological Seminary

This past month, Eric taught Greek II for three weeks. The class went very well, and we enjoyed greatly having one of the students from outside of Kathmandu stay with us during this time. On March 20, the next HGST class will begin, Interpreting the Epistles. This class will be taught by Dr. Richard Fountain, from Australia. Presently we are busy planning and preparing for the HGST graduation, that will take place April 3rd. We will have 8 students graduating and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will use each of these for His glory.

Himalayan Evangelical Church:

With Pastor Vijay still away, Eric continues to preach most every Saturday at one of the three church plants. It is always a joy for him to preach God’s Word. His desire is to train up and raise up the leaders of the church who can then be sent out to train others. This past Monday, I was able to lead a Kid’s Ministry Teachers Training. I was so happy that all but two teachers were in attendance. We had a wonderful time, going over the importance of Kid’s Ministry, teaching methods, creative teaching, and praying for our kids. Presently we are busy preparing for our second annual Vacation Bible School, which will take place April 14-15th. Our theme this year is the Fruit of the Spirit. Please join with us in praying for the kids who will attend and our teachers. That it will indeed be “fruitful.”
Compassion House:
Each month we hold a back yard Bible club at Compassion House, (a woman and children’s home supported by our church). I began teaching through Hebrews 11 and the heroes of the faith, this past January. It is a joy to serve the kids here and to see their hunger and love for the Lord.

Hospice service:

At least once a month Eric serves at the Hospice which is led by one of our HGST students. He preaches the chapel service. This past week, he was there praying with a man who died and entered into the Lord’s presence. This man had been a young 40 something who was diagnosed 9 months ago with cancer. But it was through this diagnosis and his placement with hospice that he came to accept the Lord Jesus as His Savior.

Monday Night Bible Study:

Every other Monday night, Eric leads a Bible study with a group of growing believers. Discipling them in God’s Word. Last night, a pastor from a church about 4 hours south of Kathmandu was there and invited Eric to travel the first week of April to his village to do some Bible training. He will be gone about 3 days, but is very excited about this opportunity to train other leaders.

Hindu Holiday:

Yesterday was a Hindu Holiday, a day set aside to worship the goddess Shiva. On this day, the kids hold ropes across the road and want you to pay them in order to pass through. This was the day of our teachers training, so I had to be out and about. I was told by a friend that if I told them I was a Christian, they would allow me to pass through without paying (since I didn’t want to support their Hindu worship). As I came upon a group of boys, I told them that I was a Christian, when one of the boys asked what I had said, the young boy replied, “Oh she’s a Jesus lover!” To which I replied, that is exactly right! This brought such a smile to my face and I couldn’t help but think that this is a much better description than “Christian” especially today when so many use this word lightly! J

Prayer Request: Please join us in praying for all of the upcoming events, HGST graduation, Vacation Bible school, and Eric’s Bible training opportunity. Pray also for our kids who will have school exams this next week, but then are looking forward to a three week break. Pray for our family as we take a holiday to Chitwan the third week of April so the kids can ride an elephant and we can just enjoy a time away.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Ambassadors for Truth

February, 2016

Greetings in the Lord from Nepal,

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf these past few months. Things it seems are beginning to show improvement. At least we are now able to notice items that have been missing from the grocery shelves are back. A fellow student has been able to help secure us petrol for both the car and the bike, and we still have cooking gas. It seems there is reason to celebrate these days! So thank you for your prayers.

Himalayan Evangelical Theological Seminary

This past month we were privileged to host Dr. Malcolm Gill and his son Adam from
Australia, where he teaches at Sydney Bible College. It was a joy to have him with us in our home, and the boys had a wonderful time with his son. He spent two weeks teaching a Narrative Preaching class, This coming Sunday, Eric will begin a three
week class, Greek II. We will have a student from Chitwan, staying with us during this time. We are looking forward to time to encourage and fellowship with Pastor JayRaj.

Himalayan Evangelical Church 
Please continue to remember Eric in your prayers, as he has opportunity most every week to preach either in Sanepa, Banepa or Hokse. Every other Wednesday night, there is a men’s fellowship, which he frequently teaches as well. There never seems to be a lack for ministry. As our new year has begun, we are busy now preparing for our 2nd annual Vacation Bible School. This will take place April 14-15. Two days and one night, packing in five lessons, games and crafts. It is sure to be an exciting time. Every other Wednesday I also teach in the ladies Bible Fellowship. Recently, one lady shared her testimony. It is featured below.

Testimonies of God's Grace 
I grew up in a Hindu home and married a Hindu man. We lived with my in-laws, but in the flat below where we lived, a Christian family lived. My two boys often played with their kids and this family even took my boys to church. My boys wanted me to come along as well. So one Saturday, I went with them. On the following Monday, my husband died. My in-laws were furious with me and blamed me saying my husband’s death was my fault.  Because I had gone to church. I didn’t’ know what to believe, yet there was such a peace when I went to church, so I continued to go. This only made things worse. My in-laws grew angrier and angrier with me. Sometimes they would lock me out of the house at night, other times, they’d lock me in the kitchen or refused me any food. They wanted me to quit going to church and tried everything they could to stop me. But, I knew that Jesus was the real and only God and had trusted in Him. So I refused to stop going. Things grew worse, so bad that my sister and her husband helped me and my boys to find a place of our own. Staying with my in-laws was no longer an option, even though it was culturally wrong for us to move out. Over the years, my in-laws have refused to have anything to do with me, but a few weeks ago, they called me. They wanted to know if I wanted my husband’s inheritance, or if I wanted to continue going to church. The inheritance is rightly mine for me and my boys, but they made it clear that the only way I would receive this was if I denied Christ and left the church. I told them, that I would not leave the church. Since then, I have not heard from them. I guess I will never get my husband’s inheritance, but I
know that God will take care of me. (Lady from Women’s Bible Fellowship)

Prayer Needs 
1. Pray for our kids. They have all it seems in the past few weeks suffered from being
sick. Pray that their health is restored, and that with the warmer weather settling in,

2. Pray for the upcoming Greek class that begins on Sunday, pray for the students as they learn the Biblical Language and for Eric as he teaches.

3. Pray for the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology’s graduation, set to take place
April 3. Pray for the students who will graduate that they will be used greatly for

4. Pray for our VBS set to take place April 14-15. Pray for the kids who will come that
those who do not know Christ will come to know Him, and those who do, will be
strengthened in their faith. Pray as well for the teachers and leaders, that we will honor God in all things.

5. Pray for the church and ministries here, that in all things we will work as if working unto the Lord, and that they will all be pleasing to Him.

With grateful hearts for you,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren
                                           Ambassadors for Truth

November, 2015

Greetings in the Lord,

      As most of you know, there has been a blockade between India and Nepal, for the past 2 ½ months. When this first began, we thought it would blow over quickly. We were unconcerned. Yet, we are learning that life in Nepal is far from “normal”, and that nothing is for certain. This week begins the second biggest Hindu festival, Tihar. And amazingly enough, despite the crisis of the country, the people continue to celebrate and go about their daily lives. There is a saying here in Nepal, “ke garne,” which means, what to do? This is indeed the attitude here. I have learned in our year here that the Nepali people are very resilient and can withstand much. They learn to adapt and deal with whatever life seems to throw their way. However, recently I have noticed a change in their demeanor, as they realize like us, that things don’t seem to be improving, or at least not very quickly. The petrol supplies are limited, and after you have waited hours if not days in line, you are given only a rationed amount. Cooking gas is next to impossible to find, and if you do find it you will pay a hefty price. Food items and medicines from India have ceased coming in. And life has gone from difficult for most to worse. Many do not have cooking gas, and with limited electricity, most are cooking over open fires. Traveling about the city is no easy feat. Most have taken to walking, riding bikes or crowding onto full buses. Thankfully, we are doing relatively well. We have cooking gas, and have been able to take the school bus to Sanepa most days. Sure, there are definite inconveniences to our daily lives, but we are grateful that we are better off than most here. But, we ask that you join us in praying that this is resolved quickly. Nepal has signed an agreement with China to import fuel from there; however, getting the fuel from China is no easy task. For it has to cross the Himalayan Mountains to get here. Pray that resolution between Nepal and India can be made and that the agitating people group in Southern Nepal would cease the turmoil they are forcing on their own people.

Despite this, life must go on. Eric began teaching a class at HGST the first of November, and though the number is small, he is enjoying investing in these students. He is never without opportunities to preach either. Most weekends preaching both Saturday and Sunday. Recently he taught at a small house fellowship as well.

The kids and I are busy at church preparing for our Christmas musical which will be held on December 19th.  This will be an evangelical outreach, allowing the kids to invite their teachers and neighbors for the special event. We continue our outreach to Compassion House as well as Namuna School. Praying that with each of these, God will use each thing to lead people to Him.

In December, we will have a visiting faculty from Australia with us. He will be teaching Spiritual Formation at HGST, and he and one of his students will be staying with us. We look forward to getting to know him better, and this time of fellowship. We pray the fuel crisis has improved by this time, so that his visit here will not be hampered.

Most of you know from a recent email, that our visas are set to expire November 30th. We have enrolled back in the art school and await our acceptance papers, which are needed to take with us to the visa office. Please pray with us, that the papers will arrive in time, and that we are able to extend our student visa with little or no drama.

This week the Nepali’s celebrate Tihar, and the hovering darkness seems to be felt. Though, they light up their homes this time of the year like we do at Christmas, the darkness remains. Some days I wonder, are we even making a difference and ask the Lord, how do we reach the people here who seem to be so blinded to the truth. Yet, each time, He reminds me that our part is to be faithful to His call, and leave the results up to Him. I am also reminded that these things are accomplished only through prayer and fasting. Please continue to pray that God will open the eyes of the people.

Next week, a group from Pure Joy International, will arrive to Kathmandu to host a Missionary Wives Conference. This will begin on Wednesday evening and continue until noon on Saturday.  I am looking forward to this, and pray that God will use it to strengthen and encourage me, as well as the other ladies serving here in Nepal.

Thank you as always for your faithful prayers. How desperatelyneeded they are. Please continue to pray for us and the request mentioned above, as well as for the country and people of Nepal.


                                       Happy Thanksgiving with love,

                                               Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren



Ambassadors for Truth

August 2015

Greetings in the Lord,

We pray this finds you all doing well. Having enjoyed your summer holiday and vacation time. We want you all to know how very much we appreciate your prayer and support of the ministry that God has called us to here in Nepal.

Disaster Relief:

It has been four months now since the major earthquake on April, 25th. Yet, for many, life is still difficult. With the support that has been provided through people like you, 236 shelters have been built for people in the worst hit areas. Many of these are being used as meeting places for church as well. Presently, there are 45 shelters in the process of being built, with plans to build at least 100 more. After October 1st, the government will begin to allow permanent buildings and homes to be built. At such time, we hope to provide relief help especially to rebuild churches which were destroyed in the epicenter areas. It is heartbreaking to think that after so much time, so many still suffer. Yet, to rebuild Nepal, it will take years.

Himalayan Graduate School of Theology

For the three weeks, Eric has been teaching Greek. Normally classes last for only 2 weeks, meeting three hours a day. Yet, we have realized that this is not sufficient time to learn a language. Therefore, this class will last for 5 weeks. Learning the Biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew is very important for the Nepali students. For the Nepali Bible was translated not from the original languages, but from the NIV version. There are many Biblical words, which do not translate well into Nepali. Thus, for the pastors to adequately teach God’s word, the languages are of essence.

Himalayan Evangelical Church

Pastor Vijay and Ching will be taking a break, after 14 years of faithful service here in Nepal. Ching is originally from the Philippines, yet when she married Pastor Vijay, she moved to Nepal to stay. They have needed a break for a long time now, yet have never felt free to go. Now, with a full time staff and with Eric serving as dean of HGST, they realize now is the time. So they will be leaving for the Philippines on Oct. 9th with plans to be gone for around six months. It is a much needed and deserved break. Due to this time of leave, however, Eric will be preaching more and I will be heading up the Children’s ministry.

Mission team from USA

We are so excited that our first visiting team to Nepal will arrive on September 30 and will be with us until Oct.8th. This team will be visiting from our sending church, Hopewell Baptist, in Savannah TN. They will have a chance to serve in the various ministries we are a part of, as well as provide relief ministry to those affected by the earthquakes. The team consists of 9 people, including my mom and dad, and our pastor. We look forward to their arrival, and to seeing how the Lord can and will use this team, for His glory.

Prayer Request

1. Please continue to pray for our work and service here. It seems many days there is more to do than time to do it. Pray for God’s grace and strength.

2. Please continue to pray for those who have been affected by earthquake and landslides. Pray that God will use this time to bring them to Him.

3. Please pray for the mission team as they prepare to come, that God will use them greatly here in Nepal.

Love in Christ

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

                                                   Ambassadors for Truth, July 2015
Greetings in the Lord from Kathmandu,

Relief Work Update:

We praise the Lord that much of life has returned to normal here in Nepal, though the relief works are far from complete. A few weeks back, the Monsoon season began, bringing heavy rains especially in the late afternoon and evenings. Thus, we continue to work to provide temporary shelters to families and churches. At this point, the church has provided about 60 homes, and 140 churches. All of which you are a great part of through both your prayers and contributions. So once more, we say thank you.

Recently, we took a large group to Hokshe. Another group had arrived early that morning to begin preparing food to feed up to 300 people. When we arrived, we went out into the village, inviting everyone we saw to come to the church to eat. When the people arrived, the church was full, with people even standing outside. A time of singing began, followed with the sharing of the Gospel. We concluded this by feeding all the people. It was an amazing time to serve the people here who have lost so much.

Women’s Fellowship

About three months ago, we began teaching in the Women’s Bible Fellowship, theology. This may surprise you, but for most of the ladies who come, they have no prior Bible knowledge. Some of these women cannot read Nepali, so they are unable to study their Bibles. So we began the teaching with why we believe the Bible, moving onto who God is. We spent over a month on the characteristics of God. At this point, we have moved forward to teaching about the Trinity. This is has been a foundational time for the ladies. Helping them to understand who God is, and giving them a greater understanding of their own faith. For many of these ladies, they are the only believer in their home. They have thanked us over and over for helping us to understand these Bible truths, so that they are better able to answer why they believe as they do.

Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry

This Saturday, we will have a special graduation ceremony for the children, as we promote them to their new classes. We have classes for children aged 2-12. At 13 they move to the youth. For a long time, the youth was for ages 13 and older. With some over 25 still in the youth. As you can imagine it was very difficult to teach such a wide age span. Therefore, the Lord has led Eric and I to begin teaching the Young Adults (college and career). This past Saturday, we met for the first time, and will be teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.

Himalayan Graduate School of Theology:

This past June, Eric got to teach on his favorite subject of all, Theology. For two weeks, he taught the students Theology I. It was a wonderful time for him. Presently a professor from the Philippines is here teaching Pastoral Ministry. Due to the earthquakes, the classes have been small, as many of the students are involved in their own relief work. Therefor on Sunday, July 26 we will have a Care Brigade, so that we have an opportunity to encourage and strengthen the students. In August, Eric will teach Greek I. He is busy now preparing for this.

When we first arrived, there were great plans of expanding HGST into India. Pastor Vijay and Eric had planned to travel to India in June. We had planned to begin classes for the seminary wives in July. Yet, due to the earthquakes and the relief efforts, these things have been put on hold. Please join us in praying for God’s perfect time for these events.

In August, I plan to have a special luncheon for the seminary wives. Allowing them the opportunity to tell me what things they need help with. If the Lord allows, we will begin classes for the wives in the fall.

English Bible Fellowship:

Every week we look forward to Sunday’s English fellowship. On Saturdays most of us are so busy “doing” and “serving” the Nepali service, that Sunday is a great chance to just worship. Eric has been preaching through the book of Ruth, and it has been both convicting and encouraging for the people. Though the group is still small, we rejoice that we have the privilege to worship in English.

Prayer Request: 

1. Pray that God will use the relief efforts to demonstrate His love to the people, and that many will come to faith in Christ because of the earthquakes.

2. Pray for us as we begin the Young Adult Fellowship that the Lord will lead and guide us.

3. Pray that the Lord will direct us with HGST, and that the students will get plugged back in, since many have been inactive since the earthquakes, due to relief efforts.

4. Pray for the work with the seminary wives, that God will be our guide.

5. Pray for the English Fellowship that God will grow it numerically and spiritually.

Blessings from Nepal,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Ambassadors for Truth, April 2015

It is with great joy that I share with you this testimony of grace. Because of your prayers, and due to your support, you have invested in the lives of many students here at HGST. One of whom, along with a group of others just finished translating the New Testament and Psalm/Proverbs into the Newari language. Which is one of the tribal languages here in Nepal. We will never know this side of Heaven, how God will use this Bible to impact the Newari peoples. Yet, we do know that He can and will use it in amazing ways. So thank you! Below is the thank you Chakra (a HGST student) wrote, as well as pictures from the special ceremony. What a blessing!

Greeting to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I trust that God's continual blessings and grace are being poured upon you. I would like to sincerely thank you for your fervent prayers and continued partnership through financial support. Your unceasing prayers and practical support for the cause of Christ has been very significant and immense blessings for the Newar people in Nepal. I am very much pleased to inform you that Dedication Newar Bible New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, on 29th March 2015. Koinonia Patan Church, Kumaripat, Lalitpur. Thank God! This is great privilege for Newar Translator Team, all board member and all Newar Christian believers. More than300 participants in this Dedication Program. In this program well-come speech given by chairperson Pastor Kaji Ratna Maharjan and given by word of God by Pastor Vijay Karmacharya.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in this translation works.

Blessings in Christ,

Eric, Mandy and Family

Ambassadors For Truth News March 2015


Greetings in the Lord,

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of why we have come to Nepal. Daily, the Nepalese go to temples to pray to gods, who do not see them, and who do not hear their prayers. They serve gods who are not alive and who care not for them. Yet, we as believers serve the One true God who sees us, who hears us, who loves us, and who is risen indeed! How blessed we are as believers in Christ, for it is truly by grace we have been saved, a blessed gift of God!

This past month we have been involved in various ministries. Eric has been teaching a class this past month, as well as meeting one on one with each student for prayer and discipleship. When we came to Nepal, it was Eric’s desire to preach God’s Word, and the Lord has given him ample opportunity to do just this. Many weekends, this month he has preached both Saturday and Sunday. This has been a great joy and blessing to Him.

I have continued to work at the local school teaching English, as well as planning for our upcoming VBS. Schools here in Nepal go year round, with various holidays and breaks scattered throughout the year. Nepal‘s calendar year is also quite different from ours back home. Here in Nepal, it is currently 2071, and their new year will take place on April 14th, placing us far into the future in the year 2072. Thus, the children will have a 3 week break beginning the first of April, hence our April VBS. VBS has never been held here, so we are well in over our heads as we plan and prepare for this two day event. Please join us in praying, that many will come to know Jesus as their Savior during this time.

House Fellowships: Throughout the week, there are assorted house fellowships that meet. This past week we have had the privilege to be a part of two. On Sunday, we traveled about one and half hours to the village. Where we met with believers to sing and study God’s Word. I was amazed and overwhelmed that though they have no vehicle, they travel each week, by foot and bus about 40 minutes into Banepa to go to church. This was no easy trek, and yet they are faithful to go each Saturday to worship our Lord. Though this family has nothing this world would call good, they have Jesus and apparently He is enough. Tonight, we had a Bible fellowship at Compassion House, the women and children’s home we minister in. It was a joy to sing and teach the ladies and children about the One true God.

HGST Student Testimony

I was born in a Hindu family. I was in search of God from my childhood. At the age of five, I began doing puja (worshiping of idols). At the age of sixteen I fell sick. I had suffered from tuberculosis. I was not recovered totally. It returned back again and again. Some said, I didn't take my medicine properly. Some said it was because of my study, still others said it was due to evil spirits trying to kill me. I struggled with this for four years. Then I left my study and gave total attention to my health. After two years of medical treatment, I became depressed and stopped taking my medicine. I knew I needed to take it and to eat, but as food came near to my mouth, I just couldn't eat. What was happening to me, I didn't know. My family became worried for me and sought help. My auntie was a Christian. She and my family took me to the church. At this time, my view was "every religion is the same, why go to church?" One day while I was writing in my diary about my experience, I felt a voice asking me, "If every religion is the same, then what is wrong with the church, since this is where you were healed?" So I began going to the church, and came to accept Jesus as my Savior. Today, I am serving in my church faithfully as a teacher. It is my passion. Besides teaching I love to write and sing. I have written one story that has been made into a film, named "Prashna." I have written other dramas that have been presented by the children at my church. I have also translated English songs into Nepali, for our church. Therefore, God is using me to teach His Word and to use my gift for writing for His glory.

As always, we thank God for you and your faithful prayers on our behalf, what a blessing you are to us. With love in Christ, Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren



Greetings from Nepal, January 2015

For those who don’t know, Nepal was once the only Hindu Nation in the world. For years, Nepal was a closed country. No foreigner was allowed in and the Nepali people were not allowed out. Much like what North Korea is like today. But in April of 2008, Nepal went from being a Monarchy to a democracy. Since this time, there have been both improvements in the country as well as turmoil.

The past few weeks, there have been many strikes in Nepal. When a strike is called, the whole city shuts down. No one is allowed to drive and stores are forced to be closed. If you choose to take the risk and drive, you will certainly be attacked. Thus, we stayed home on these days and had no trouble.

The strikes have been called by the Maoist party, the party that loves to stir up trouble. The strikes were due to the unfinished constitution that was supposed to be completed on January 22nd. Yet, due to so many opposing parties, no agreement could be made. I’m sure many of you saw on Fox News the video clip of the parliament meeting, which displayed people throwing and breaking chairs and angry shouts. This is Nepal.

On Sunday at the English service (which is a real blessing and continues to grow) we spent a great deal of time in prayer for Nepal. Eric shared with us about the need for Jesus here in Nepal. The need for Jesus all over the world. Often times, we throw this around, saying what the people need is Jesus. Which is definitely true, yet what is next.

Eric shared how at just the right time, God sent Jesus into the world. And now He has sent you and me. We are to display to this dark and dying world, the light and life found only in Christ. We are to be the salt of the earth and the cities set on the hills. If the world does not see Christ in us, if we are no different than the rest, then people see little or no need for Jesus.

We then spent time praying for this country and its leaders. But we also prayed for ourselves, that the love and light of Christ would shine in each of us, that the Nepali peoples would see their need of the Lord. We prayed that the Father would open their hearts to the truth and show them Jesus.

On Monday we found out that the Prime Minister was given the right to finish the constitution, with or without agreement from the other parties. As you can imagine, this has caused quite the stir with the other parties.

Please join us in praying for this nation. Pray for this political situation, that it will be resolved. Pray for the government leaders that the Lord would awaken their hearts to Him. Pray for the peoples here who live and walk in darkness, that they would recognize the light of the world and cry out to Him. Pray for the believers of Christ, that they may display the love and truth of Jesus and that God would use them to point and lead the lost to Him.

On a more personal note, I want to again thank everyone for praying for Eric and his family. We were reunited as a family the 2nd of January. The month has been very different, in that the schools were closed. Thus, the children were home and there was no class at HGST.

However, this past Sunday we held what will be an annual HGST orientation. This was a two day event where we spent time praying and worshipping with the students. As well as dealing with some new policy changes to be set in place this year. The students also were given an English exam, so that we might see the needs in this area, as we look to begin offering English classes in the coming months.

Also for the next month, Pastor Vijay’s wife and I have begun teaching at a government school. All but one teacher is Hindu. We are seeking to reach out and establish relationships with this school and the faculty by helping them with English classes. It has been a lot of fun to teach and work with the seventh grade students. Please pray that God will use this to open doors of opportunity for us.

On Saturday we will also have our cooking class, seeking to reach out to the lost. Please be praying that the Lord would help us to establish relationships with these that we might build upon this. That the Lord would draw these to Him, and that we might be used as His hands and feet.

Eric has been offered an interesting opportunity as well. The second week of February, he has been asked by the school he attends (for our visa) to teach a special welding seminar. They were thrilled to learn he holds his BS in welding engineering. Please be praying that the Lord too will use this to give him opportunities to share with the professors as well as other students.

Now that the kids are back to school and life has resumed it’s much more hurried pace. I ask that you would pray for us as well. That the enemy would not gain access into our lives, our family or our ministry. Pray that we would draw our strength from Him, and that His light would shine in and through us.

There are many things we need to plan and prepare for. Please be praying for us as we seek to establish a THM program here in Nepal, an MDIV program in India, and classes to be offered for the wives at HGST. We are also planning the class schedule, and graduation that will take place in 2016.

We truly covet your prayers, as we know that apart from the Lord we can do nothing.

Thank you as always for your love, your prayers and your support.

In Christ and For His Sake,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Greetings from Nepal,

This December has been filled with both triumphs and defeats. Both joys and sorrows. The month began with Eric teaching Hebrew Exegesis. A class that took a lot of time and work to prepare for, but a class in which the students learned a lot. Eric taught them a practical Hebrew, emphasizing how to use it in their ministry preparations. During this time, we had two students stay with us. One was from Chitawa, about four hours to the South and one from Banepa, an hour away. This was a wonderful time of fellowship and discipleship. At the close of the class, we had another care brigade. This time, we met at pastors house and the students made momo or dumplings. We also had a Christmas gift exchange and a time to speak about the true meaning of Christmas.

At the conclusion of the Hebrew class, we began our work towards extending our visas. Up until this time, we had only a tourist visa. Here in Nepal, you can only be inside as a tourist for five months. After this, you must either change your visa status or leave. Therefore, back in November Eric enrolled in the University, so we could switch our visa to a student visa. Thankfully, all of this worked out and Eric now attends class three days a week from 8-10. So far, he is enjoying the classes and is always looking for a way to reach out to the students. We praise the Lord for hearing the prayers of His people regarding this visa. For now, we have our visa taken care of until December of next year. What a relief this is.

Another joy came in an email I received from my dad. Telling me that Ambassadors for Truth was approved by the IRS, and is now an official 501c3, nonprofit ministry. When I read this email, I just wanted to shout. How good is our God!! So you may rest assured, all who have given or want to give towards the work here in Nepal, your offerings are indeed tax deductible.

This past Sunday, we had a Christmas program at Compassion House, the home for women and children that I volunteer at twice a week. The kids and I had been working on a Christmas drama that we performed to all that day. There were over 70 people here, all who heard the gospel and the true meaning of Christmas. This was followed by a night of caroling. Here in Nepal, caroling is quite different from the US. Here you do not go door to door; instead you invite your neighbors especially the lost to come to your home. Then you sing with the Gospel being presented at the end. On this night, we sang outside. Many neighbors came, but many others listened from their windows as we sang. Hearing the story of Jesus.

But upon so many joys, we also got news of heartache. Just this past weekend, we received news that Eric’s mother had passed away. This was such a blow and a shock to all. As you all know, this led to Eric taking a flight home. He is now in the US, and today will preach his mom’s funeral. He will remain there until New Year’s Eve and then will return to us here in Nepal.

As I walked around Kathmandu today trying to finish my Christmas shopping. I watched as the people here rang bells, burned incense and bowed down to their gods. As the kids and I walked, I expressed to them that to me this was a far greater tragedy. Explaining that we know where Grams is. She is in Heaven, celebrating Christmas with Jesus. Yet, for these here, were they to die, they would be eternally separated from God.

Yes, our loss is great. Every time I think of not seeing Eric’s mom again, my heart breaks and tears fill my eyes. I , we will miss her terribly. Her emails and prayers brought me great joy. But, I rejoice in the midst of these tears. For I do know where she is and I do know that I will see her again.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and though to be honest it does not feel like Christmas, being here in Nepal and not having Eric with us. I again rejoice. For it doesn’t have to feel like Christmas and things don’t have to be a certain way, in order to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus. Without whom, we would all be lost and dead in our sins. But through whom we now can have life and that life eternal.

On Christmas day, we will have two evangelical services at the church here in Nepal. The choir will perform, the kids will sing, and the Gospel will be presented. Please pray that many who understand not the meaning of Christmas and many who do not know the Lord, will come. And, not only that they will come, but that the light of Christ will shine into their hearts, pointing them to Him.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with us. Thank you to all who have given and to all who have prayed. We appreciate you more than words could ever express.

Our prayers are with each of you, that you will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, as you look to Jesus.

Prayer Request:

1.    Please continue to pray for Eric and his family in this time of loss. Pray especially for the brothers and their dad. Eric’s mom and dad had been married 49 years. What a wonderful testimony!!

2.    Pray for Eric as he returns next week, for safety as he travels.

3.    Pray for the kids and me as we are here in Nepal.

4.    Pray for the Christmas program on Thursday.

5.   Pray even now for the family as the funeral is today.

Love in Christ, Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

  Hindu Festival

Tihar: Festival of Lights

Greetings in Christ,

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, didn’t they just finish up with a Hindu Festival? The answer to your question is yes, but another festival called Tihar always follows Dassin. Although this festival is much shorter, lasting only five days, instead of fifteen.

Tihar, also known as the festival of lights, will begin this Thursday and last through Monday. Eric and I were actually here for Tihar last year when we came to teach. So this is not completely new to us, yet no less bizarre when you find out how this festival came to be, and how it is celebrated.

Tihar is a festival established to worship the goddess Laxmi. She supposedly is the goddess of wealth. Each year about this time, shops begin selling what we think of as Christmas lights, and lights are strung on all the homes and businesses. As with the other festival, the electricity is rarely shut off this time of year and the lights glow throughout the city each night. Unlike how we would hang our lights around our roofs for Christmas, the Hindu’s will hang their lights, stringing them from the top length wise. This is done in worship to Laxmi, inviting her to visit their homes and bless them with wealth and prosperity.

During the festival, each day the Hindu set aside to worship different things. The first day they worship the crows. Early in the mornings they feed the crows from their roofs. The crow represents the messenger of death. So they give offerings and worship the crow, seeking to avoid this messenger of death visiting their homes in the coming year.

The second day dogs are worshipped. The dog is believed to be the most loyal friend. So on the second day, the tikah (red powder) is applied to the dog’s head, garlands of flowers are placed around the dogs necks and offerings of food are given to the dogs. Generally, only male dogs are worshipped.

On day three, the cow is worshipped. Believed to be the mother of the Hindu religion, the cow is given much the same treatment as the dog. Red tikah is applied, garlands of flowers are placed around the cows necks, and offerings are given. On day three, houses are cleaned and floors shined, fresh cow dung is placed above each door and families stay up late playing cards, awaiting the arrival of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.

Day four, is the worship of self. Each family member will take turns worshipping each person. Tikah is applied to the individual, foods are given and worship is performed. Often people will also worship their cars, homes and belongings on this day.

Finally on day five, the girls will worship their brothers. The sisters will visit their brothers, placing Tikah upon their heads, garlands upon their necks and chocolate, fruits and food offerings are given to the brother. Who in return blesses the sister with money.

Amazingly the atmosphere of this festival is quite different from the previous. The previous festival worshipped the goddess of death. Sacrifices and offerings of blood were given and required. There was a dark sense of oppression during this time. Yet, Tihar is a seemingly joyous occasion. A time all look forward to.

As with much of the Hindu religion, much of the festival revolves around superstition. In general Nepali people are superstious and live in fear of angering the gods. They seek to make offerings in order to receive the blessings of the gods.

Yet, you and I know just how wrong all of this is. But to them, it is the normal way of life. Their tradition.

Tihar is a very difficult time for Christians. As most have family members who are Hindu. The Christian are often ridiculed for not giving offerings on these days. Many are persecuted when they refuse to follow the rituals of this festival.

Please be in prayer for the Christians here in Nepal during this festival. Pray that the Lord would give them the grace to stand strong for Him, despite how they are treated. Pray that the believers would truly shine as lights for Christ. Cities set on a hill, shining bright for all the lost to see. Pray that the True Light of Jesus would shine across this land, penetrating the darkness and oppression of the enemy. And that the Lord would use the believers to boldly speak and share the truths of Christ with their families.

Thank you in advance for the ways God can and will use your prayers!!

Shining His Light,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Mathew 5:16

Hindu Festival
Carpenter Newsletter from Nepal
In about two weeks, the start of one of the largest Hindu Festivals will begin. This festival last for fifteen days. There is no work nor school, as the Hindus travel to their home towns and villages to celebrate.

I sat with Pastor Vijay the other day and got him to explain what this festival was all about and how in fact they celebrate. What he told me, brought chills to my arms and made me sick to my stomach. He went on to say that the spiritual oppression is even more intense during this time.

Let me explain. The festival known as Dashain, is a celebration of the god/goddesses over the demons. Symbolizing good over evil. Throughout the festival, the people pay homage to the supreme god, Durga. They believe that if she is worshipped properly, she will bring blessings on the people. However, if not worshipped, bad things will certainly occur.

On each day of the festival, certain types of devotion occur, symbolizing different things. For example on day 8, the blood thirsty god, kali, is appeased through the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of buffalo, pigeons, goats, and ducks. The blood is poured out to the gods and goddesses throughout the various temples. The meat that is first offered to the gods is then consumed by the people. This gives a whole new meaning to Paul letter to the Corinthians about food sacrifices.

For fifteen days, different sacrifices are made, many involving blood. As the people seek to appease the gods, wanting their blessings. These sacrifices are also made out of fear, for they too do not want to anger the gods and bring misfortune upon themselves or their families.

The Hindu people are very superstitious people, who daily, once, twice and maybe three times a day visit the temples scattered throughout the city to pray and bring sacrifice. They are devoted to what they believe and will do whatever it takes to worship their gods.

As I have watched this take place and as I prepare for the festival that will take place, I am amazed. These people, who have so little, will sacrifice the food they have to eat, going hungry instead, to bring worship to their gods.

Then I think about myself and Christianity in America and I am broken over how little we are truly devoted to the Lord, the One true God. These people waken at daylight on a daily basis, going to the temple bringing their offerings. Throughout the day, all over the city you hear bells ring and smell incense as these gods are worshipped.

Yet, I have a hard time not hitting snooze when my alarm goes off. Going to church more than a couple of times a week seems too much to ask. We complain when the preacher preaches longer than we think he should and think doing something radical for God is too much to ask.

So I have four major prayer requests.

1. Please pray for the soon to be festival that will begin Sept. 25. Pray for us and our family as I know the oppression and darkness that can be felt will intensify during this time.

2. Pray that God will give us boldness to share with the people that Jesus blood is enough. That He was sacrificed once for all. And that the blood of bulls and goats, ducks and pigeons cannot remove their sin. Only the blood of Christ can make them clean and bring forgiveness

3. Pray that the Lord would lead our every step. We have had many opportunities to share with others of Jesus, but due to the no shame culture, and the acceptance of all religions here, it is hard to know if they are agreeing with us or if the Spirit is drawing them. Pray that the Holy Spirit would give us wisdom and discernment to recognize the difference.

4. Then, pray for our churches and complacent Christians. Pray for yourself as I too will be praying for myself, that God would grip our hearts to be fully devoted to Him. That He would stir a passion within us to truly put Him first and give Him everything. Pray that just as the Hindu and Muslims are committed to serving their god/gods and giving them the best, that we too will be committed to putting Jesus first and surrendering everything to Him.

For His Glory among the Nations,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren J



Greetings From Nepal! 

To all who have prayed for our safe travels, thank you. We arrived after 30 hours of travel on Friday morning (Nepal time), Aug. 29th. We got our visas with no problem and were well on our way until we realized we had all but one bag. After filing a claim, we were picked up and brought to Pastor Vijay’s home. We began praying and asked others to pray for the missing bag. I was not sure we would ever see it again, but God heard our prayers and we picked it up today from the airport. Praise the Lord!

In Nepal, church is on Saturday, so after a good night of sleep, we awoke to the dogs barking and the bells ringing around 5 am and readied ourselves for church. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and to listen as these precious peoples worshiped the Lord in Nepali.

The kids are doing great. It is amazing how well they have just adjusted and adapted in such a short time. Though, much of this is due to us staying at Pastor Vijay’s home and having his children to play with. Lauren has adopted Sophia as her big sister. Play and love are certainly the same in any language.

They will begin school tomorrow and are very excited. They will sit in the classes and observe for a few days, and then begin full time. Please pray that this goes well and that they enjoy it as much as they have everything else.

We will begin looking for a house to rent tomorrow. We have three to look at and choose from as of now. It will be nice to get settled and not be living out of suitcases, but all in good time.

As I look around this city, I am amazed at the utter lostness that is evident everywhere. Temples and Hindu places of worship cover the city. All day you hear bells ringing as they go to worship. All day you smell the incense that they offer to their gods. The enemy has certainly blinded the eyes of the people of this land, but God is at work and we thank Him for that.

Prayer Request:

Please join us in praying that the Lord will open the eyes of their hearts that they might see their need for the one and only true God.

Pray for Eric as he begins discipling the students, as he prepares to teach Christian Ethics, and as he has opportunity to preach God’s Word.

Pray for the children that they will continue to thrive and adapt. That they will enjoy school and be a light for Christ among the children who do not know Jesus.

Pray that the Lord will place His angels about us and protect us from the enemy who wants to cause strife.

We thank God for you. For none of this would be possible without your love, prayers, and support. Love,

Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren

Supposed holy river that after cremation, the ashes are placed in. These long to come back in the next life better than before. Pray that they will understand there is but one life and then the judgment.

The Carpenters: August 2014

The Auction :

Thank you to all who prayed for the auction. It proved to be harder than we had anticipated. Not because we were tied to our things, but because so many of these items had memories associated with them. It also made leaving such a reality. Yet, it went very well. Many donated items to the auction, and in the end the auction raised a little over 10,000 dollars. Amazing! This will go for our first year start-up cost, such as furniture, kitchen ware, appliances and a car. Many have asked if we will crate our things to be shipped over. To which we respond, no. For we have been warned not to ship things as they are often stuck in customs or lost. Therefore, we have sold most all of our things, so that we can buy the supplies we will need when we get there. As of now, we have almost all of our first year budget given or pledged. Thank you once more for all who have given or are giving monthly. We thank God for your offering to the Lord.

Our Departure:

Amazingly, our time of departure is fast approaching and falls almost exactly with the time we returned from Korea, two years prior. Though the past few years have been difficult, and we have often struggled through, the Lord has used this time to prepare us for this very day. It is crazy though, for what we have longed, and prayed for is in essence bittersweet. Knowing the Lord has called us to go, yet having formed relationships in the past two years that will prove hard to leave. With that said, we will be flying out, Wednesday evening, August the 27th arriving in Kathmandu on Friday, August 29th

God Knows:

When we began looking for our flight, Eric and I had searched endlessly to find a flight with Turkish Air. In the fall, when we went to Nepal on our scouting trip, we had such a great experience with this airline. In the end we booked a flight that would take us west through China instead. As I read the news recently and looked at a map of the world, I realized Turkey is directly above Iraq. And I stood amazed. See, the Lord knew even then what would be taking place now in Iraq and the Middle East. He knew that flying east was not what was best. How thankful we are that the Lord knows what is best, and works for our good even when we fail to understand.


Please continue to pray for us in the days ahead as we pack and say many goodbyes.

Please pray for our kids that they will all adjust quickly to the new culture, as they begin school in Nepal and that they make many new friends.

Pray that the Lord will prepare the hearts of the peoples to receive Christ as their savior. And pray that He will use us to teach the saved and to make disciples.

Please keep us in prayer as we fly, as well as our luggage .

                                                                        For His glory among the nations,

                                                            Eric, Mandy, Andrew, Landon and Lauren 

Ambassadors for Truth

                                                                                 June 2014

Greetings in the Lord. Time seems to be quickly slipping by as we prepare for our departure. We continue to speak at churches and with individuals, praying God would provide the needed support for us to go. How thankful we are for each of you and your part in this ministry. The website is up and going, praise the Lord. If you have not had a chance to check it out, please do so. Here is the link: You will find pictures and more information about what we will be doing once we arrive in Nepal. You will also find testimonies of students, prayer requests and the online donation form. Please know that when using the online donation form through Paypal, a 3 % service charge goes to Paypal and the rest goes to Ambassadors for Truth. Feel free to use the Paypal service. You can also mail your donations to Ambassadors for Truth at P O Box 100, Savannah, TN. Another option would be to contact your bank and see if they have Free Bill Pay. This service allows your bank to send your monthly donation automatically. Using the Free Bill Pay through your bank is something you would need to set up.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the Lord to prepare us emotionally, spiritually and physically for our transition to Nepal.

Please continue to pray that God will stir the hearts of His people to give to Ambassadors for Truth.

Please pray for our children, that they will adjust, adapt and make friends quickly.

Highlighted Ministry: Women of Worth

If you have not had a chance to watch the movie, Veil of Tears. I encourage you to do so. In this film you will catch a glimpse of what life is like in India for women. What you see here, is also similar to the lives of women in Nepal. A few years ago, Pastor Vijay's wife Ching began a ministry entitled, Women of Worth. She has asked that I join her in reaching out the the ladies of Nepal. These women are treated as nothing and do not understand that they are beautiful and worthy creatures created in the image of God. Most of these women are Hindu. If or when their husbands are sick, they are blamed. If their husband dies, somehow it was their fault and they become an outcast. These women are treated poorly most of their lives. It's time they understand the love of One who will never leave or forsake them. Please pray as we reach out to these that God will help them recognize who they are in Christ. That the only hope they have is found in Jesus.

                                                                                           Blessings In Christ,

                                                                                                                               The Carpenter Family