About Us

Our Purpose

As priests of the Most High God, we exist to both know and fear God, enjoy His presence, exalt the name of Jesus Christ, fully rely on the Holy Spirit, defend absolute truth, grow in grace, love people unconditionally, advance the glorious gospel, seek first the Kingdom of God, and prepare every tribe and nation for the eminent Second Coming of Christ.
Our Ministry Objectives 
We desire to preserve the knowledge of truth and proclaim repentance toward God in every nation for all persons to experience spiritual reconciliation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We desire to incorporate absolute truth, critical thinking, academic excellence, and personal experience in higher theological education for the purpose of establishing underprivileged pastors and church leaders in third world countries with a biblical worldview, sound doctrine, and moral integrity.
We desire to forge personal relationships with both national and village leaders of third world countries for the purpose of transforming their respective communities characterized by a passion for truth, respect for the law, pursuance of justice, strong work ethic, and benevolent care for the poor. 
We desire to provide quality childhood education in third world communities for the purpose of improving literacy, learning English skills, incorporating truth with critical thought, and attaining academic proficiency.
We desire to provide third world communities with charitable services such as nurturing orphans, restoring abused women, ministering to prisoners, serving the untouchables, and deterring child trafficking, in an attempt to value, cherish, and protect the lives of such persons who are made in the image of God. 
We desire to provide other missionaries with foreign ministry experience or special mission projects through Ambassadors for Truth, provided that such persons fully agree with our bylaws, and comply with our standards of spiritual excellence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following series of questions address integral issues concerning the spiritual need in Nepal, the Carpenter's call to the Himalayan Region, their ministry and work in this harvest field, their mission organization, logistics for their departure, financial needs, tentative timeline, and how you may participate with their ministry.

How do we know that the Lord has called our family to serve Him in Nepal? 
Since returning from Korea in September 2010, Eric and Mandy believed that they would be back in the States for only a season. For God has called and appointed our family to serve Him as full time missionaries on the international field. The question was not if we would go back, but where and when. God has given us a heart and passion for the Asian peoples, though we have surrendered to go wherever He leads our family.
In November 2013 Eric and Mandy traveled to Nepal for a vision trip to work with Pastor Vijay and the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology.  Eric taught for two weeks, we interacted with the student pastors, and developed a strong affinity for Pastor Vijay, his family, ministry, and vision for the Himalayan Regions.  During our visit to Nepal, the Lord burdened our hearts for this country, marked by spiritual darkness and deception. Through prayer and God's Word, He confirmed again and again that Nepal is for us. 
This past April, Pastor Vijay wrote and told us to “come, come, come” to Nepal. Pastor Vijay too believes that God has intrinsically placed us together, and that the Lord has works prepared for our family among the Himalayan people.  Hence, we have accepted Pastor Vijay’s official invitation to join him in Nepal.
What will we be doing in Nepal?          
Nepal is a country that is predominately Hindu and Buddhist. According to statistics, only 1.4% of the peoples are Christian.  Therefore, first and foremost we will go as His ambassadors, taking the Gospel to those who Satan has blinded from the truth.  Even amidst the darkness many are coming to Christ and churches are springing up everywhere. According to the book Operation World, one of Nepal’s greatest needs is theological training.           
Therefore, our second assignment will be training pastors and leaders in Nepal. Eric will serve as the Academic Dean at the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology. He will teach classes as well as disciple and work hand in hand with the students.  Mandy will disciple and help the lady students who are training for ministry.  As time passes, Pastor Vijay desires to reach the people of India, Tibet, China, Pakistan, and all the surrounding Himalayan Regions. This truly is a kingdom work! 
A third ministry consists of reaching the upper caste Hindu peoples. Many missionaries are working among the lower caste, but very little if anything is being done to reach the upper caste, who believe Christianity is only for the poor.  Pastor Vijay would like Eric to help plant and pastor a church among the embassy leaders in Nepal, hoping to bridge a gap to reach out to the upper caste. Pastor Vijay, could not lead this church himself, or he would.  Pastor Vijay understands his people and he insists that reaching the upper caste Hindu people must include a western pastor who has a Ph.D. and other necessary credentials. 
Finally, Pastor Vijay would  like Mandy to help establish and teach at a Christian Academy for elementary children.  Currently, there is one Catholic School and the waiting list to get in is very long. There is an International School, but tuition is high and the students are predominately western kids.  Hence, there is no Christian education available to the Nepali kids.  As you can tell, there is much to do and much we will be involved in.
What is your time line for leaving?  

We are on the Lord's time line and are seeking to walk in step with Him, not getting too far ahead or lagging behind.  Pastor Vijay would like us to be in Nepal by August and we know this is not difficult for the Lord. If the Lord desires for us to go later, this is ok.  Currently, we are scheduling speaking engagements with churches and groups of individuals to raise our support.  We shall buy our plane tickets in the coming days.  

How will you finance your ministry and living expenses?  
The Lord is teaching us daily that we must be completely dependent upon Him. Jesus promises that if we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, then God will provide everything that we need.  Standing on this promise, the Lord God of Heaven will finance our ministry through the support of His people.  Currently, we are raising our financial support.  Our prayer is that the Lord will stir the hearts and grant us favor with His people. God is able to do exceedingly more than we could ever ask or imagine (Eph. 3).
How long do you plan to serve in Nepal?  

With every place of ministry the Lord has led us to, we have always gone with the intention of staying for life or until the Lord moved us elsewhere.  As we move our family to Nepal, we go with the intention of staying long term or until the Lord calls us home.

How may  you participate?

Our fervent prayer and request is that you would pray and ask the Lord if He is leading you and your church to be a part of what He has called us to do in Nepal. We are looking for people to support us through prayer and financial giving.  You can pledge a monthly donation, yearly donation, or one time gift.  We kindly ask that your offering to Ambassadors for Truth not replace your tithe to your local church.


"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without a preacher? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?  As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news?" Romans 10:14-15