Prayer Answers & Requests

Ways to Pray

1. Please pray for God’s continued grace, strength, and protection upon our family.

2. Please pray for us as we adjust to the different changes of life.

3. Please pray for the kids and their studies.

4. Please pray for Eric and the students he is teaching

5. Please pray for our upcoming VBS

6. Please continue to pray for Eric’s dad and our families back home.

Ways to Pray:

1. Pray for Eric’s dad who is in the hospital undergoing treatments and radiation.

2. Please pray for the Christmas program and outreach

3. Pray for Eric as he prepares his class notes for the classes which will begin in January. As well as his travels the first of January.

4. Pray for the kids to remain healthy during this cold season.

5. Pray for Grace and Julia as they return back to Australia, that God will confirm in their hearts His plans for them.

We pray that each of you will have a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer Request: June 2016 
 1. Pray for Eric as he is taking intensive Nepali language classes, that God will give him the grace needed to really learn the language.
2. Pray for the HGST class taken place this month.
3. Pray for the kids as they have exams the next two weeks.
4. Pray for me as I serve as children's director.
5. Pray for wisdom from God for us that we will walk in step with Him. 
How to Pray for us: (May 2016) 

1. Pray for upcoming HGST classes, students as they minister, and visiting professors.

2. Pray for Himalayan Evangelical Church staff retreat.

3. Pray for our family as we seek the Lord and desire to walk in step with Him.

4. Pray for the kids and their studies.


Prayer: (April 2016)

1. Pray for our new graduates, that God will use them greatly.

2. Pray for the kids who attended VBS, that God save those who don’t know Him.

3. Pray for our trip to Chitwan

4. Pray for the kids and they prepare to resume their studies

5. Pray for Pastor Vijay and family as they return to Nepal

6. Pray for wisdom and direction as we seek to walk in step with the Lord

 How to Pray

1. Pray for our kids. They have all it seems in the past few weeks suffered from being
sick. Pray that their health is restored, and that with the warmer weather settling in,the colds are gone for good.

2. Pray for the upcoming Greek class that begins on Sunday, pray for the students as well as Eric as he teaches.

3. Pray for the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology’s graduation, set to take place April 3. Pray for the students who will graduate that they will be used greatly for
the building of God’s kingdom.

4. Pray for our VBS set to take place April 14-15. Pray for the kids who will come that those who do not know Christ will come to know Him, and those who do, will be
strengthened in their faith. Pray as well for the teachers and leaders, that we will
honor God in all things.

5. Pray for the church and ministries here, that in all things we will work as if working unto the Lord, and that they will all be pleasing to Him.
Prayer Request: September 2015
We thank God for each of you and your constant prayer on our behalf. You are such a vital role in our ministry here in Nepal, and we praise God for each of you.
Please join us in praying for:
1.  God's strength and help in the work He has called us to. It often seems there is not enough time in the day to accomplish the work here, yet we know God is faithful. Please pray that we would make the best use of the time God has given us each day.
2.  Please pray for the people of Nepal. Two of the largest Hindu festivals will begin over the next few months, pray that God will open wide the eyes of the people to see that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.
3.  Please pray  for our neighbors that God will use us to point them to Him.
4.  Please pray for the mission team that will be traveling from Tennessee Sept 27th and arriving in Nepal on Sept. 30. Pray that their time here will yield abundant fruit for the kingdom.
5.  Please pray for those we serve with, that God will encourage, equip and provide for all of their needs.
6.  Please pray for the country of Nepal, as they settle in with the new constitution. 
Please join us in praising God for:
1. We thank God that the monsoon rains were no where near as devastating as they could have been, and that they are nearing their close.
2. We thank God that though the past few months have been unsettled here in Nepal, that the constitution has now been finalized. 
3. We thank God that He has continuously provided for us and met our needs. We have now been here a little over a year, and though things take time, God is at work. 
4. A new believer nearby who will be joining us for house fellowship this weekend.
Current Prayer Request (June 2015)
Please continue to pray for those affected by the Great Quake of April 25th. Though the country is resuming normalcy... many are still without homes and shelters with the Monsoon rains quickly settling in.
Pray for the pastors and church leaders as we all continue the relief efforts all throughout Nepal.
Pray that as the relief work is done, God will demonstrate His great love to the people through His servants.
Pray for our neighbors who are Hindu. that God will use us to lead them to Him. 
Pray that the coming rains will not lead to more landslides in the earthquake devastated areas.
Pray  for our family that God will give us the grace, strength and energy needed to do the work He has called us to here.
Pray that the Lord will continue to keep us healthy and free from sickness.
 Praise the Lord for the following answers to prayer 
We praise Him for the fellow laborers who have joined in this ministry through their faithful prayers and support.
Thank you for all who prayed for the VBS, it went very well, and we give the Lord all the praise. 
We are thankful for the work the Lord has called us to here in Nepal, and the work He is at work accomplishing here. 
Join us in prayer for the following requests
 Please continue to pray for the students, that as they are better equipped thorugh their classes, the Lord can and will use them to impact Nepal.
Pray for Dr. Eric's contacts at the University, that as he shares Jesus with them, the Lord will open their eyes to the truth and they will turn to Him.
Pray for the English Bible Fellowship that God will continue to grow it spiritually and numerically.
Pray for the children as they begin a new school year.
Pray that the Lord would keep us healthy and give us a greater love for the Nepali people.
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 "Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving; praying at the same time for us as well,that God will open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ." Colossians 4:2-3